Hell hath no fury…

September 14, 2022 Christian X 0

The sexual revolution and new types of feminism emerged shortly after the invention of the birth control pill. For the first time in history women […]

The Most Unusual Pandemic

September 7, 2022 Christian X 0

Covid-19 was an unusual pandemic. It was unusual that a species blessed with the scientific method and advanced technologies would choose to regress to tribalism, […]

Under The Spell

September 5, 2022 Christian X 0

Now that anything resembling ‘truth’ is deemed misinformation and is censored by Govcorp (i.e. government in cahoots with big-tech and media), the populous is nearly […]

Trump the Punk

September 3, 2022 Christian X 0

“Punk is an attitude!“ When I was young- punk is an attitude – was muttered when comparing what was thought to be real punk versus […]

The Power of Awareness

September 1, 2022 Christian X 0

I believe that gaining insight and awareness are necessary for developing wisdom. Therefore I love ideas and connecting concepts in order to gain a greater […]