The Most Unusual Pandemic

Covid-19 was an unusual pandemic. It was unusual that a species blessed with the scientific method and advanced technologies would choose to regress to tribalism, superstition, and myth in a time of crisis. The lack of curiosity as to origins of the virus, is markedly different from all previous pandemic responses. Usually researchers are running around like mad to find the origin – to contain and understand. The origin is typically found within months, if not weeks or days. This time nobody seems to care, just don’t say it was a lab leak. Now after the fact, public health officials and policy makers admit that their response was unscientific and did not account for any consequence in the short or long term. Advanced nations with modern communications, super computers, A.I., awash in data decided to go medieval and collectively lose all of their ability to use reason and interpret and analyze data. At a critical moment our best minds and capabilities gave into fear and outsourced their thinking. The inability of leadership and our most venerated institutions to use knowledge and tools effectively seized, rendering all humanity’s advancements and higher education useless. Now, in the aftermath, there is little publicly funded research being conducted on the virus, vaccines, or consequences. I guess, it is the YOLO response to public health – no looking back, no lessons learned, always forward. What most people will remember from the pandemic is the constant barrage of fearporn, censorship, coercion, re-definitions, hatred for out-groups, riots, failure of the healthcare system, big pharma making bank from ineffective “vaccines” that ended up being harmful for many.

There is a concerted world-wide effort to censor “conspiracy theories” (aka ideas) to fall inline with mainstream narratives and framing… no questioning, awareness, or truth seeking. The captured masses fueled by their own hatreds, desire to feel superior, and in-group preferences are willing to go along. Yet, the fact remains, the conspiracy theorists, those that are intellectual, have been right. Once you see inside Matrix, you can’t unsee it. If this was a battle for ideas, the counter argument would prove the other side incorrect, not censor and coerce. This isn’t about ideas or a virus, this is about fear, power, and control.