What is God Consciousness?

Most of us take the gift and beauty, as well as horror, of consciousness for granted. Not only do humans get to participate in the miracle of life, we get to do so with awareness, perception, cognition, and self-awareness. This, as far as we know, is uncommon, if not unique to humans. However, human consciousness is clearly limited. Yet, with our consciousness we can perceive and are aware of greater forces at work. We have peered deep into the universe and into the tiniest particles, and for every answer find we have many more questions. The consciousness to underwrite this sort of creation and complex design is awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

“I want to know God’s thoughts.” – Albert Einstein

Science, especially physics, in its course often proves that there is a greater intelligence, a greater consciousness. Again, with our limited intelligence and consciousness we are able to perceive a greater consciousness, though limited. If you look at the dance of complex systems, the will to life, and the forward momentum of seemingly all life toward consciousness it is very easy to see a greater consciousness at work. That consciousness, the ultimate creative force is God. To believe the universe, energies, complex design, and creativity beyond our imagination occurred as a result of random chance or a series of accidents and occurrences that is responsible for the incredible array of life, energy, physical dynamics, much we will never understand, is more implausible than the case of a higher consciousness, God. We as humans can think and develop an appreciation for the miracles in existence, but alas we are only semi-intelligent primates terrestrial bound to microscopic blue dot, when viewed from a cosmic scale. Our knowing can only ever be, limited.

The consciousness that blooms flowers in spring and forms planets from dust does exist. The evidence abounds and it is hard to miss if you are looking. Too often human’s mistake their subjective and limited consciousness for being higher than it is. If you think about it, according to ancient texts and historical records, the human story is that of rebelling against God and Nature, only to be put back in place. Our pee-wee consciousness while remarkable, is flawed. It has given rise to the ego which is a kind of malignant self-awareness, our “original sin” so to speak, certainly indicative of an unevolved consciousness or early-stage. A number of sages have commented that if humanity can get beyond a certain stage of consciousness we could be enduring. If not, we will ultimately be our own demise.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

Like the Will to Life, there seems to be a will to consciousness. The higher consciousness, God, wants to be known. Personally, I would be far better off if I focused on God and taking opportunities to elevate my consciousness, rather than being overly concerned about a world hell bent on pettiness and lies.

Related – two helpful razors: God does not dwell in confusion. The devil (evil) is known as the prince of lies. If there is confusion or lying, be assured it is not God.