Conformity & Civilization Crack Up

I think the task at hand, for those who are following the story of our civilizational crack up, is to become more rooted in body, mind, and perhaps most of all spirit. Embodying love and light is not just something for hippies. Things are occurring that transcend sociological, psychological, and philosophical explanations or reason. You can sense the grip of something. It feels like darkness is descending. Darkness has gone mainstream, it’s the establishment now. Increasing conformity in a corrupt darkening age, given humans’ track record, is terrifying, we know where it goes. Civilization is a thin veneer, we, humans, go nasty real quick. We are seeing all of the ol’ tell tale signs on this well rutted and bloodied path back to tyranny, but nobody in a sea of degrees studied history; it turns out we’re as dumb as ever, at least in that respect.

Somehow we need to find our basic goodness -or- Christ like love, we need something to counteract the malicious Machiavellian institutional forces. Somehow we need to point ourselves toward enlightened ways of thinking and being, not just debasing everything calling it progress. Perhaps we need to reconnect with nature, find gratitude, seek and appreciate beauty, nurture authentic relationships, but I think more than anything we need to rediscover the TRUTH.

Things simply don’t work in the post-truth world. Among others, it creates a low trust society, which universally all end up sucking big-time. Without honesty there is no healing, there is no growth. Propaganda, which many people have chosen to accept, primarily to feed their petty hatreds, has done significant damage to people’s minds all across the land. In the age of Science, science that you cannot question (btw), people are as dogmatic, mythological, and superstitious as ever. Now folks put all their hopes and dreams into bureaucracies and their blames and curses into politicians and media personalities, instead of a higher power or witchcraft. The point is, if there is going to be positive progress, all sides need to come together seeking truth and understanding. While it may feel good to hate, it is much more powerful to love.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti