The Politics of DARKNESS

Wow! They finally did it. They got Trump! After years of trying to dig up dirt, making up lies they found bookkeeping errors by one of the best bookkeepers in NYC. If one looks at the evidence (not their bias) and the judge’s instructions to the jury, one can quickly surmise that this case was purely politically motivated. This is third-world tin-pot dictator political prosecution, absolute corruption of the law, and the absolute idiots exposed themselves by cheering this on. They cheered our country being destroyed. At the same time, the Biden administration made another significant provocation toward Russia, saying that he will allow Ukraine to use U.S. made long range missiles to strike into the heart of Russia (this will require US advisors in Ukraine = US striking Russia). This is a red line for Russia. Everywhere one looks the screws are being turned, the water is heating up. We have been warned by multiple people about a ‘Black Swan’ event this year.

The economic system remains on life support, though few realize this. It currently is in desperate need of liquidity, that is always predictive of something big. The war machine and pigs are fully activated and want to be unleashed. A populist President is winning in the poles, who will likely dismantle large parts of the federal bureaucracy if elected. There is an ongoing, under-reported health crisis happening (vax injuries) and there are murmuring of new viruses afoot. Meanwhile, the Democrats are loosing the black vote… something big has got to happen!!! If I were to guess, it will be a Deep Fake of Trump saying the N-word or something like that. It’s summertime, and summertime is inner-city race riot time. However, World War 3, depending on how corrupt and dirty everything is, will obscure all the other sins and keep folks from asking questions later. I don’t think folks appreciate or understand the reality of the times we live in – things are out of control!

Nothing from this point forward is coincidence or whatever the mainstream media interpretation is. The provocative moves against Russia and Trump is just the start. Darkness is descending over the Nation, hatreds need to be stoked, lies confirmed. Let’s pray that the ‘Educated Liberal Female’ has an awakening. The continuation of a free country depends on them, they are voting for ‘reproductive rights’ and ‘intersectional-ism’ but are really being tools for war, debt slavery, inflation, mass migration, financial chicanery, ultra-high taxes, massive government bloat, state indoctrination, the harming of children and the destruction of family, community, small business just to name but a few. The propaganda machine seems to be particularly good at tapping into the age-old instincts of female conformity in the interest of community. Let’s pray that they can find some gratitude, some love; social media has really f’d them in the head.

I hope there is a mass awakening to the reality we actually find ourselves in.

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