Pharmacological Induced Autoimmune Disorder

Excess deaths, not due to Covid, are increasing at an alarming rate. The excess death is far above the five year average, an average that includes increased deaths due to Covid. That means excess deaths are strikingly high! When the pharmaceutical intervention (aka experimental mRNA vaccine) was first rolled out, a number of “fringe” doctors and scientists came to the conclusion that the jab will result in autoimmune disorders. I dubbed it pharmacological induced autoimmune disorder, or AIDS. Some feared that the jab would weaken immune systems making individuals vulnerable to all sorts of disease, particularly resurgence of illness already in the body (i.e. cancer). Recent data out of the U.K. and Australia is alarming. Since the roll out of the jab, we have been witnessing anomalies of young athletes and doctors, those in their prime, dropping dead from unknown causes. So far the mainstream news has ignored the correlation. The excess deaths have been blamed on everything from climate change to racism, but not the most obvious. Some are willing to concede that this may be consequence of the lockdowns, but not the experimental drug coerced on a public. It is clear that if the jab is causing harm, the medical establishment and government bureaucrats do not want to hear, see, or know. There will be shockingly little scientific inquiry throughout the pandemic. Logic, reason, and science seem to have escaped us, instead we relied on fear, lies, and superstition.

Embalmers and the life insurance industries have been raising red flags for months. Anyone who has seen pictures of long rubbery strands (clots) being pulled out of veins of the recently deceased knows something is up. The cardiac and blood clotting issues associated with the jab have been known for sometime, I don’t think any public health official has been honest about how bad it really is.

The medical establishment, government, and media all sang the same during the pandemic. Dissenting voices, contrarians, those who adhere to the scientific method, and those wishing to engaged in intellectual debate where demonized and silenced. Informed consent and do no harm was thrown out and replaced by politics and hysteria.

I pray that the populous takes their blinders off and becomes aware of these issues. The only hope to thwart the authoritarianism marching across the globe and in the United States, is that the people who have been subjected to this criminality by authorities loose faith in large corrupt centralized bureaucracies. However, if folks keep believing the obvious lies, just to sooth their own egos, quite simply, we are all screwed!

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