Biden’s Negativity and Bad Vibes

At this point it is obvious, at least for some, that the liberal world order is being deliberately steered toward the ground. It would not surprise me, if much of the free floating anxiety we feel is our sense of foreboding and bracing for impact. Likely, what comes next will resemble more of man’s natural state, tyranny.

Joe Biden and company have been steering a lot of our collective blood, sweat, and treasure into the pockets of totally corrupt institutions. We have never witnessed such a rapid concentration of wealth and power. Ol’ Joe has proven to be one of great salesmen of all-time, he is for hire if the price is right. He coerced citizens to potentially harm themselves with an early phase experimental drug (aka vaccine), resulting in record breaking profits for the pharmaceutical industry. The $trillions in pandemic relief benefited the banking, finance, and assets holders, resulting in unfathomable wealth inequality. The Ukraine war has become a indefinite slush fund for the military industrial complex and bribery. Ukraine is doing what it does best, corruption and laundering money. Now the overpriced education racket is getting a boost. Out of Nation’s most corrupt institutions: government, finance, defense, healthcare, education, only the insurance industry has yet to get paid. Their bailout is coming.

Joe Biden cares so much for the ‘truth’ that he wants to ban anything deemed false by central authorities. He and his party loyalists believe they are above sin, and consider themselves to be the most virtuous, therefore have the right to direct your thinking. If you question it, you are low-life scum, a deplorable, and extremist. His rhetoric has become hate-filled and fiery. This is not a man embodying positivity, good vibes, or anything healing.

The desire to feel superior is a powerful temptation. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. A political ideology that preaches this is trash for our society. The Left needs to steer away from the hive of narcissism it has become.