Is Fascism the Price of Our Collective Irresponsibility?

“The age of abundance is over.” – Emanuel Macron, French President

“Deterioration of living standards is inevitable” – Greece Official Spokesperson

“It’s 2030, you own nothing and you will be happy.” – World Economic Forum

It is inconceivable to many, yet obvious, what is heading our way. Some have coined it, neo-feudalism, to describe a two-tier social, economic, and political hierarchy. We are witnessing the largest wealth and power transfer in human history, all in the name of progressivism. If energy drives the economy, then finance steers it. Credit scheming (debt) has driven much of innovation in the early 21st Century. What else is a nation of consumers to do in the face of cognitive decline, capability loss, and material stagnation.

People used to say, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, now it is much easier and faster. We call it credit and it is created digitally by central bankers in exchange for our unborn. What does that mean? Currently the US is $90 Trillion in the hole, debt expansion is going exponential, forcing us to sacrifice the young and their futures to maintain immediate and short-term prosperity. Progressive concepts like modern monetary theory, universal basic income, green new deal, bailouts, entitlements, subsidies are all part of an inter-generational Ponzi scheme, each hoping to play out the clock before the bill is due. What these ideas share is financing current consumption with tomorrow’s prosperity. Corruption is baked into most of our prominent institutions, chiefly the federal government. We are walking the primrose path to debt serfdom or slavery. Along the way thieving, looting, and demoralizing what’s left of the productive populous. Meanwhile the temporarily comforted and coddled have traded in their collective aspirations for conveniences and safetyism. Nevermind that soul-shaped hole, they shirk responsibility and are quick to blame others. Socially, economically, and spiritually Western Civ is circling the rim. We have chosen to believe the narratives that lead us to something more akin to Mad Max than Star Trek.

Will the last five hundred years of Western Civilization and its high ideals be little more than a hiccup in between long ages of tyranny? Maybe the concepts and values of freedom, democracy, beautiful art, civility, free markets etc. are incompatible in a time where so many yearn to comply with authority.