Under The Spell

Now that anything resembling ‘truth’ is deemed misinformation and is censored by Govcorp (i.e. government in cahoots with big-tech and media), the populous is nearly defenseless against the onslaught of lies intended to manipulate them. In the ‘new normal’ any questioning of mainstream narratives is strictly verboten. Parroted lies and political discourse has taken on the qualities of gossip. Gossip is the lowest form of communication, yet it dominates the framing of world events and history for the average person. The constant barrage of he said, she said discourse in areas that deserve thoughtful examination is another troubling symptom of the collapse of Western civilization. Western civilization is locked into a death drive, being fanned by fervent anti-intellectualism and godlessness. With nothing sacred and no answers for the difficult questions in life, Western Civ has come under the of spell and lured by the sweet sounding promises of centralized authoritarian power. The sorcery of propaganda has its hold. Many are unaware that they are captured. Propaganda, like censorship, is an essential component Totalitarianism which is on the rise. Those who support it, think that they are the righteous, at least that is what they are told and choose to believe.

Gaslighting and projection are crazy making! Gaslighting is deliberate manipulation by feeding false information in an attempt to lay waste to any sense making. This is often accompanied by projection, which is essentially blaming and shaming others for that which one is guilty of. For instance an epic transfer of wealth and power right in front of us, but the story is that small business owners, the working class, and people who value freedom are the real problem. Yet, here we are. Condemning those who are essential for a functioning society, while glorifying those that steal, loot, and destroy.

Awareness is the key to a rich life. Being aware allows one to develop wisdom. Wisdom is the antidote to foolishness.

My fellows, stop being taken for a fool.