Trump the Punk

Punk is an attitude!

When I was young- punk is an attitude – was muttered when comparing what was thought to be real punk versus punk the fashion. Punk as an attitude – is irreverent, has little respect for authority, and is willing to fight for what it believes in.

Growing up in the 80’s and since, Trump has always been around. For most of my life I cared little for him and wondered why others did. He always received outsized attention in the tabloids, on talk shows, and reality TV. To his credit, he has become more than a brand, he has achieved infamy. Infamy is next level branding. He didn’t do it by being likable, the opposite, he was never what anybody ever wanted him to be. He was a hustler, a product of the anything goes era of 1970s-80s New York City. He turned a million dollars into a business empire. He was willing to take risks, and built things that became profitable by providing a high-level of service. Each success was used to finance the next, while fronting his personal PR machine… and look where it got him. In business, people appreciate a no nonsense approach. It is a necessity to work at high-levels. In politics and in government, however, people seek to be comforted by narratives. Once venerable institutions have been corrupted, but the workforce is fat and happy, so don’t rock the boat. Trump comes from an industry where people are expected to accomplish tasks in allotted time. The government and other bureaucracies are concerned with policy, hierarchy, and career ambitions, more than achieving goals. Having higher expectations for the status quo is a no-go for regulators and special interests. While Trump’s approach in business was valued, that same approach in politics is viewed as disruptive and crude. As much as it pains me to say it, Trump embodies the attitude of Punk!