Biden’s Prompt to Hate Moment

The “woke” seem to be willing hate into existence. Those attracted to the ideology, seemingly due to unresolved trauma and ignorance, are conjuring hate and forcing it to materialize wherever or however they can. As was with the latest spectacle offered by the President of the United States last night, as he took the official position that anyone who disagrees with a limited scope of coerced narratives, “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” Looking every bit the dictator, playing into the Dark Brandon meme, with blood red background lighting and flanked by soldiers, Biden called on his followers to hate. His narrative and perception framing has been successful. Large segments of the populous believe that nearly all Christian white males are evil, and that all people of color and the majority of women are innocent and saintly. I have been a life long resident south of the Mason-Dixon line, and have never met a white supremacist. Unquestionably they exist, I have heard about them, but in such small numbers that they are statistically insignificant with no power to effect change.

Demoralizing the people critical to keep society functioning and progressing is likely to have some consequences. Villianizing the working classes, producers, the doers, and creators, by government dependents (taxpayer funded bureaucracies, gov employees, pensioners, welfare recipients, etc.) will negatively effect a reliable tax base and military recruitment. Doing that while enforcing ever more rules, regulations, taxes, and a brand new squad of 87,000 additional IRS agents, will squash innovation, thus wealth, and concentrate power into fewer gov/corp hands. Is it possible that the call to hate, what is still the backbone of the country, is a call for sabotage, if not deliberately suicidal. It is surprising that cooler heads have not prevailed, this was a serious escalation of toxicity, super icky.