The Power of Awareness

I believe that gaining insight and awareness are necessary for developing wisdom. Therefore I love ideas and connecting concepts in order to gain a greater understanding of how things work. Unfortunately, politics, programmed narratives, and each individual’s desire to feel superior aided by new social and digital inputs is doing harm to the realm of ideas and intellectual debate and discussion. There seems to be an underlying cause – dishonesty. Many of the ideologies presented as de-facto and widely accepted are built on quicksand. Any disturbance via examination or thoughtfulness, crumble the foundations and disturb peoples’ perception of reality. Science and philosophy were once concerned with deeper truths into the nature of reality, but they, especially science, have been corrupted to the point of, in some cases, being irredeemable under the current model. Science has been replaced by “Scientism”, which is an ideology, and is used more to confirm bias and ignorance than it is for gaining knowledge. This is a major regression for human-kind.