United States as a Third World Country

Many people have no idea how close the U.S. is to third-world country status. Since the 1970s priorities shifted from investing in the Nation’s future via large capital infrastructure projects, preferring instead to fund generous pension and entitlement programs. This is voted on by those who benefit from the entitlements. No other industrialized nation spends so little on infrastructure as a percentage of gross domestic product GDP. Typically 5% is considered the minimum. However, the U.S. only invests about 2% and that has been true for nearly a half century. The country is breaking down and falling apart. We are on the way to being a banana republic with an economy based on shuck and jive and unbelievable waste. If you subtract digital innovation, now nearly a quarter of the way through this century, we have made remarkably little technological progress. Factoring in the social and political regression, this century has been a net negative for the country. How much of this has to do with an centrally controlled economy fueled by artificially low interest rates, money printing, astronomical debt, and massive consumption? What folks do not realize is that ‘printing money’ can not fix structural problems. If there is nobody to work or skilled enough to maintain the bare minimum of civilization, it crumbles. Much of our Nation’s neglected infrastructure needs replacement, but there may be too few willing workers to meet the need. If you look up from the screen and take are look at the built environment, our Nation appears to be just a decade or two away from becoming a third-world country. It’s an empire of waste, corruption, and debt.

The latest in our decent to third-world status is utilizing federal agencies to harass, coerce, or eliminate political rivals. Even rule of law, the very foundation of a functioning, economically viable society is increasingly under attack, and is under-appreciated by the populous. A child born today, may only hear tales of America being a wealthy country. When they grow up, they will be appalled that their parents and grandparents wasted their prosperity to enrich a few multinational corporations, governments, and organizations. It is not to late to reject all of the ideas that have bankrupted our nation materially, morally, and spiritually.