Rip up the Earth to save it

Why does every plan for environmental remediation include massive deficit spending (pulling consumption forward), ripping up the Earth, and creating carbon trading markets that will benefit the wealthy while taxing the many, disproportionately hurting the poor? It is not advertised a such, but the facts remain. The sell, is that this will transition us to a green economy. I guess that is after we really get serious about fucking everything up first. Long gone are the days of advocating to reduce, reuse, recycle. The opposite is the trend, consumption is king, as evidenced by debt bingeing and the direct to landfill economy created over the past 25 years. While we have been busy virtue signalling about straws and electric cars, we are literally stealing from the future, consuming and wasting like never before in human history. No are we influenced by common sense environmental or awareness campaigns, we are told to just trust the government and big finance’s environmental, social, governance scoring system (ESG). That’s right, big government and the banks have the plan to save us all, just trust them. It is such a good plan that if you question it, you will likely be called a climate change denier and possibly censored. Just like the now venerated pharmaceutical and defense industries totally in cahoots with big centralize government, they will save us. At least that is mainstream thinking. The Left has an outsized faith in centralize government bureaucracy, politicians, media, international corporations, banking, healthcare, and educational systems. They have little support to benefit family, community, charity, religion, healthy living, critical thinking, and the future. The good news is at least people know what they want – large centralized authorities working together to tell us what is right and wrong under highly coercive conditions. This relieves personal responsibility, which is possibly the point.

I take a simpler approach to the environment. I think living within our means, as individuals and particularly as a Nation, with less waste is one of the best ways to tackle environmental challenges. This is unpopular and antithetical to the current dominate thinking. Society is addicted to stealing from the young and unborn, pulling forward consumption and consuming their prosperity today. This is celebrated as being highly progressive – ironically many of the young are acting strongly against their interests, toward tragic ends, to benefit the thieves in our midst.

I am sure none of this has to with the fact we are stuck in a debt spiral and need to find ever more ways to create credit and debt, just to keep this whole enterprise afloat.