The Narrative Driven Concept of “Righteous Hate”

I am befuddled by the ‘woke’ concept of righteous hate. This is the idea that certain hate of a perceived injustice is needed to combat the injustice i.e. hating hate is good hate. This normalized concept underlies much of the what is dividing America in the current year. This hate has become ubiquitous, and is closely related to and fuels what we call woke-ism. It is common to have a conversation with someone decrying racism against blacks, only to say a short time later “I hate Christian white men.” They do so with no awareness that the hate is the same, only the justification is different. For some, righteous hate is believed to be a virtue. It is the hallmark of what we know as a social justice warrior.

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I feel increasingly the probability that people, especially women in the western world, have been betrayed by fraudulent and faulty ideas that have led to a feelings of emptiness and despair. Modern feminism is a major factor. It’s rise correlates with a marked decline in women’s well being and happiness. Some are awakening to this, but the majority of women would just a soon let the world burn before they admit they were wrong. For women under 60, feminism is what they grew up with, it is all they know. However, working for “the man”, being a badass, and promiscuity has not turned out how they thought. Indeed, many women yearn for fostering meaningful familial and community relationships and creating a family. This unhappiness has a big downside for all – “when momma ain’t happy, nobody happy.” It appears that women are scapegoating others for their self inflicted unhappiness i.e. taking their shit out on others. This takes the form, among other things, as righteous hate. Since women have fallen the most prey to a highly materialistic, externally obsessed culture, they are filling the holes in their soul with angry politics, industrial food, and cheap junk from overseas, all while to win approval from people who do not matter. Something really terrible has befallen the women of the West.

Social media and the narrative driven news are the promoters of hate. They tell us who to hate and for how long. While social media is us, reflecting a mirror back at ourselves, it is also sophisticated technology, exposing us to many contexts that we as a species are simply not designed to process. Most of our lives are just coping with the onslaught of contexts and narratives, which are now almost totally fear based. One of the best things we could all do is step away from the screen and go for a walk, or better yet, have an actual conversation.