The High Cost of Cheap Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is beloved by girls and women coast to coast. For women under 40, fast fashion is the choice. Fast fashion is a term used to describe cheaply made, cheap looking trendy clothing made in foreign sweat shops, worn by Western women a few times then thrown away. The clothing, is an environmental catastrophe from beginning to the end of its lifecycle. The clothing, because of is cheap materials is usually thin, often revealing, which in tandem with the need for dopamine hits off of social media, has given rise to pornographic profanity on the street, workplaces, and most apparently online. Fast fashion is the standard on social media. The cheap, slutty looks garner attention from the male gaze in which women hope to capitalize on. Scantily clad women and girls paying to promote themselves to men for likes and views is considered, by many, to be empowerment. There are millions of women styling themselves as “models” “fashion influencers” “fit-spiration” and more that are, in reality, pimping their bodies for likes and a few dollars. That is to say it has become commonplace for women to sell themselves and their souls for attention, mainly online… it is a whore’s bargain. A bargain that more and more young girls make everyday. The tales of irresponsibility, devastation, and suffering are soon to follow.

The world is sacrificing and bleeding so that extraordinarily privileged, ungrateful women can play out their delusions.