Narrowing Thought with Diversity

Many Western Millennials and Gen Z’rs believe that diversity of other peoples’ external characteristics will add greater perspective, which in turn will spur more innovation and problem solving. In theory that sounds rational and correct. However, while the push for greater diversity based on skin color, gender, and sexual orientation has become so over-the-top as to be obnoxious, at the same time the Nation’s largest and most influential institutions (government, academia, media, politics, multinational organizations etc.) are restricting and narrowing thought more than ever. Thought is deemed either acceptable or a threat. Censorship, canceling, de-platforming are regularly used to defend against diversity of thought. Systems are becoming more restrictive as we inch closer to our totalitarian future. Allowable thought within the federal government ranks has become so small, it has completely crowded out any ability to effectively solve or address problems. Most mid-level to high ranking federal government employees come directly from academia, often with advanced degrees from prestigious institutions, where their minds have been molded to that which is acceptable. Academia is proving to be our Nation’s Achilles heel, the destroyer of critical thought, rational discourse, and common sense. These institutions’ of indoctrination have failed their primary purpose, to create thinking individuals ready to navigate and tackle real world normative problems. That is to say they are institutionally corrupt, which means those in or regularly interfacing with these system accept corruption as normal.

The narrowing of thought and loss of creativity should concern us. The United States was once a innovative and vital Nation and often a force for good. That has changed as “insider” corrupt bureaucracies grew. Conformity has replaced creation, dependency and decadence have ruined our virtue. Living off of the coat tails of better days, we exist on myth, lore, and lies (also money printing and debt). A once noble social experiment, failed by incompetence, greed, and ego. The scourge of highly educated stupid people, closely aligned with bandits, discouraging positive change to support the status quo, in which they benefit, is one a the grand themes of our times. These are symptoms of the long gathering forces of the approaching storm that will usher in totalitarianism and tyranny. In Mao’s cultural revolution the first to be murdered were the intellectuals, in our Nation the communist revolution will succeed by never creating them in the first place. Our highly credentialed, former thinking class, are the Storm Troopers for The Party. The only solutions they offer further the corrupt status quo.