Distinguishing between sex, gender, and kink

Conservatives are slow to change, they take some convincing, some reason, and sufficient data. Conservatives generally believe that if something is working, even reasonably well, don’t break it. If it is not working, then let’s figure out what makes sense and change it. When it comes to sex, the question for conservatives is if they compromise and go along with whatever the Progressives are calling for, where does it end? Has anyone stated an end-goal? The fear, to be blunt, is wide-spread acceptance of pedophilia and degeneracy, while removing all the sacred. Feminism, seemingly the most powerful influence in the West, is on the course toward wide acceptance of prostitution in numerous varieties supported by online technologies. Both prostitution (using sex and sexuality for personal gain) and pedophilia have made significant strides toward wide-spread acceptance in the recent years. Since the pandemic both have gone into over-drive. Some conservatives have put up weak opposition, specifically in trying to protect the innocence of youth, but the progressives are quick to accuse and project hate. A news scan will show that there are few if any incidents of LGBTQ+ hate happening, none of note in recent months as of this posting. The USA has never been more tolerant and accepting of individual’s sexual proclivities, but a backlash is brewing, folks are getting sick of the divisive, hate fueled LGBTQ+ agenda, that now has children in its crosshairs.

Let’s say you are for women objectifying themselves for personal gain, calling it empowerment, and adults sexualizing children, where is the line? The current LGBTQ+ push is not just about sex and gender but mostly about about kink. Unrelated adults (strangers) talking to children in grade school about sex and gender is kink. Taking your children to see men dressed as puppies on leashes or in leather writhing around is kink. Toddlers stuffing dollars into drag queen g-strings is kink. Where does compassion for traumatized, confused, and fragile human beings turn into being suckers for degeneracy, hedonism, and decadence? The LGBTQ+ community has not defined an end-goal, so we must assume they intend to take their crusade to the most extreme as the actions and behaviors suggest.

It is incredulous to see how many people in the United States who are adamant about sexualizing children and forcing them to make major life altering actions before their brains are formed and even prior puberty. This has become largely a problem within the United States. We all know this is wrong. However, this revels a collective insanity consuming the minds of many.