If You Know the Goal, You Can See the Steps

If one can discern what the end goal is, it is easy to recognize the steps along the way. Whether you know it or not plans are in effect. They are not your plans, you may not understand them or realize what is happening at all. You may be one of the majority, unable to critically think, who is being swept along in the current of lies, propaganda, emotionalism, and censorship. Here are few examples of what I think is obvious.

Conservatives, particularly Christians, have long questioned what is the end point for 2SLBGTQIA+, what’s the desired outcome? History suggests, and what Christians’ fear the most, is the push and acceptance of pedophilia. Pedophilia, child sex trafficking, and the sexualization of children is exploding, and is increasingly state sponsored and mainstream. The majority of citizens do not want this. Progressives are pushing for it. They do not value or appreciate the innocence of youth.

Feminism has become totally and irrevocably corrupt. It suckers women into believing things that are against their own interests, children and society as a whole. They are completely oblivious to this, due to their desire to conform to popular opinion. One of the goals is the acceptance and normalization of prostitution and prostitute-like behavior. I am not talking about street walkers, but women who objectify themselves and trade their sexuality for material gain. There has been tremendous innovation in the sex trade since the rollout of the internet. Pornography has ballooned into a massive industry and is a preeminent cultural force, including Only Fans and web-camming, Sugar Baby relationships, Instagram and Tik-Tok monetization are just a few, in addition to traditional sex industry offerings. Women are objectifying themselves, like no other time, in the hopes to scoring everything from sponsorships, a better professional job, dinner, sales, or whatever. Feminists have sought to legitimize sex work for many years. I suspect we are one bad economic downturn away from this becoming normalized as a way to “make ends-meet”.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Complete control over the means of exchange is the wet dream of every authoritarian. Every transaction can be tracked, taxed, prevented or compelled. By controlling what you can buy and who you can buy from, or not at all, this represents a never seen before level of control.

Social Credit Scores. China has already implemented these controls. They are the model. In order to ensure compliance, each of will be assigned scores based on our loyalty, obedience, behavior, work ethic, right think, and preferences. This will be used in conjunction with CBDC for censorship, surveillance and control.

Eradication of the middle class. The policies and government actions of the last 25 years are just the primer. Trillions of deficit spending (debt) and the rigging of ultra-low interest rates have had a tremendous wealth effect for those at the top. It is the wealthy who have benefited from these policies the most. We, as a Nation, have very little to show for any of this. Most of this spending was speculation and malinvestment, led by the government. These reckless government policies have left future generations in debt, caused inflation, and has put the American dream out of reach for many young people. The true price for this generational irresponsibility has yet to be realized. The majority of youth of today have little chance of a middle class life. The destruction of the future for short term gains has been the unspoken M.O. of the Boomers.

Destruction of small business. Americans like to pretend that they appreciate small businesses, which has been the backbone of the nation and leading source of innovation, but at the end of the day most people would not care if Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft owned it all. The American people don’t understand the importance of small business. Capitalism only functions well in free markets, government enabled monopolies are antithetical to properly functioning capitalism. The coziness between big corporation, banks and the federal government, should raise flags. The big government folks also love big corporations, so they can trade favors. The ultra-low interest rates and flood of free money (debt) from the government overwhelmingly benefited large corporations and the rich. Small businesses are being strangled by regulations, rules, taxes, and an unfair field, all thanks to a federal government who rewards the few at the expense of the many.

In short, tyranny is well on its way back, but won’t be fully realized until there is tremendous death and destruction… so progressive. The Left, unwittingly, is ushering in all the things they have said and say the despise. The whole party has become the useful idiots for an uncaring elite. There are two major problems with democracy. One, ignorance and intelligence are equally weighted. Two, as soon special interests or groups can exploit the treasury for themselves, you no longer have democracy, just a system of vote buying.

Only a moral, educated, and decent populous deserve democracy.