America has lost its Soul

The more conversations I have, especially with those on the Left, the more I realize we have lost something very important… the human soul. When it comes to today’s thinking, always filtered through politics, few consider anything sacred or spiritual. Indeed, the once profundity of human life has been reduced to the most superficial aspects. For instance, sex is no longer about procreation or bonding and connecting with a spouse, a source of pleasure, love, and spiritual growth; instead sex is purely hedonistic, focusing on pleasure, and anything goes. This strips away the meaningfulness of the act and reduces it to purely physical. Post-modernism has removed the spiritual and deeper aspects of our existence, and has reduced us to our market value. In the minds of many we are little more than two legged animals, creatures – nothing more. De-humanization is a trend that is far from its peak. At the core of the emergent systems, notably totalitarianism, is the idea that humans are mindless, soulless consumers, to be taxed and punished at the will by the self ordained new aristocrats – academics, federal government, heads of multinational companies and organizations. Indeed, the most educated among us have lost their ability to think rationally. They have been brainwashed by the years of indoctrination (“education”) and are the least able to access common sense and reason. These are the conformists taking advantage of the corrupted systems. In order to participate in a corrupt system, one must become corrupt. To ease the cognitive dissonance, that comes from this, they tell themselves and believe stories that they are doing good, improving, and heroic. It’s a lie, the system remains the same, corrupt, and no amount of virtue signalling or ornamental change will result in better outcomes. The system has to change, but that requires courage in an age of none.

The American people have no idea how corrupt ALL of the systems have become. There are no champions pushing for real systemic change, only window dressing. Those in power, the federal government and academics, have no practical experience, usually just half-baked theories and a lack of understanding how everything works together. They are highly educated stupid people and many are bandits.

We lost ourselves, when women turned their backs on children, family, and community for a life of promiscuity, independence, and the cubicle. Society took a fatal blow that we are now beginning to realize. We are loosing not only our civilization but something even more… our soul.