Anti-racist racists

Prior to the recent era of “anti-racism racism”, the United States was renowned world-wide for its tolerance. Indeed, the American people, in general, have a high tolerance threshold. However, in the last decade, the rules have changed, tolerance is no longer good enough, one must exalt, profess, prostrate, and celebrate the latest contrived multinational social-justice trend. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, goes against nature and god, or is an affront to wisdom and science. When it comes race and women’s issues, questioning the rationale or reasoning, or analyzing the data, is strictly verboten – censored, cancelled, attacked, locked up. When it comes to these issues, multiple a priori assumptions are applied. One must have accepted woke concepts and principles. They must have faith in systemic/structural oppression, and that a single political party (democrats) in cahoots with extremely powerful centralized governments and corporations can usher in a more fair and just world. To be an “anti-racist racist” one must be unhappy and have a desire to control others, hence their desire for totalitarianism.

The woke, in a short period of time have removed debate from the political, scientific, and philosophical spheres. Soon there won’t be any debate or discussion only directions and rules. The “anti-racist racist” are generally well-educated, middle-class women and weak men, mostly white, who are angry that much of post-modern feminism, that which they accepted without question, has resulted in misery. Instead of rectifying this, they have made deflecting and projecting blame (lying) a destructive cultural force, a surefire lose/lose.