Feminism’s Negative Affects on Society

Many parallels have been drawn between the end of the Roman empire and the situation the United States is in presently. The rise and fall of empires seems to be a feature of human civilization. The decline of once great societies all have in common – they spread themselves too thin militarily, devalue currency (inflation), increase state dependency, become demoralized and decadent. A surefire sign of impending doom, is the loosening of female sexual boundaries (JD Unwin). Today, folks are confused and unable to separate their ideological-driven concepts of the “patriarchy” and our advanced civilization. Calls to “smash the patriarchy”, are actually calls to destroy western civilization and enlightenment thinking. It is a call for darkness, wrapped in well worn propaganda.

Historically, men built civilizations through effort and sacrifice. Primarily, men have vested interest in its maintenance and continuance. Generally, when civilizations fall and conquered, women quickly switch sides and adopt the conquerors’ values and mate, without loyalty or fealty to the previous civilization or its men. Women have no vested interest in the maintenance of civilization.

I think it is perfect, that the most free, equal, prosperous, and pampered women in all recorded history, are denigrating the very civilization that provided them with so many advantages. We are entering times of great tragedy, but amusing. Wide-spread institutional corruption has already occurred, totalitarianism is rising, and economic collapse and global war is almost certain and near, but the most pressing topic is deciding when strangers (teachers, the government) can to talk to children (as young as 5) about sex, kink, drag queens, porn, and bizarre gender theory. The United States of America has become ridiculous in its over the top decadence and, yes, the world is laughing at us. Middle-class women are being used as tools, and are ignorant of how their actions are divisive and destructive. They and especially the children are suffering the most of all. A shocking number of women have turned their backs on protecting the young and community development, previously their most valued and cherished roles. Now they focus on narcissistic pursuits, promiscuity, and exploiting and tearing down that which was built for them.

Post-modern women seem to have a unconscious drive to subjugate themselves, if not to husbands to employers, if not to god to government and ideologies, if not to family and community to self absorption. Classic Freudian psychology suggests that women envy men. Feminism has sought not to enhance the feminine, but to mimic a contrived idea of maleness. In a perverse idea of equality women have sought to become second-rate men, while retaining the privileges unique to girls and women. However, in the latest twist, second-rate men are now seeking to become female, which is funny. The feminists were caught off-guard and are still awaiting awaiting instructions from celebrities or NPR. This nonsense is not without comic relief.

The ancient religion of Daoism emphasizes the universal energy of Qi, which seeks balance. When masculine characteristics are strong, so too are the feminine. But if women adopt masculine characteristics, men will take on feminine characteristics. Now we have rude, crude, tattooed, promiscuous women unsuitable for marriage and motherhood, and weak, resigned men, consumed by laziness and vice. We are tormenting and traumatizing very young children with kink and gender theory. We have turned on the children are are engaged in a number of post-modern rituals of child sacrifice. The kids are not alright. But our society said F*ck the children 40 years ago. A recent study suggests that nearly 50% of women 25+ will be alone in the next decade. While that may sound like independence to some, it’s really a total breakdown.

I truly believe that if women sought awareness and wisdom by auditing the affects of feminism, they’d realize that it is one big misery making machine, and has had mostly degenerative effects on our society. The current generations of western women are in a full scale rebellion against nature, god, common sense, reason, science. ancient wisdom… arrogantly believing they know best. The truth is that they have been sold bullshit, so corporations can sell more and the government can dominate. Women by following other women of higher status (i.e. celebrities) have unwittingly been used as tools and useful idiots, they just don’t know it. The most privileged women in human history are tearing down the structures that afforded them such privilege. I guess they want hard times or something even darker.