Empire U.S.A.

Few myths have inculcated the American psyche more than those in Star Wars – darkness/evil versus light/good, and Goliath/Empire versus David/Rebel Alliance. For 45 years, Americans have considered themselves a force for good, fighting totalitarianism, autocracy, and evil abroad. What if America has turned, just like the Star Wars franchise under Disney, into pale imitation, and worse, has become the Empire?

The United States government in cahoots with bankers and crony capitalists, backed by the military and the dollar, has bullied the globe – interfering in elections, instigating coups, sanctioning, pushing war, and sewing divisiveness at home, etc. In response rebellious alliances are indeed being formed. The other nations’ of Earth are sick of the shit.

The current culture in United States epitomizes decadence, as if to define it. It’s everywhere, from the sexualization of children to the size of our waistlines. Each of us have become expressions of the seven deadly sins, while flicking off the Ten Commandments. Once a shining beacon of hope, darkness and decay has become our new brand.

The denizens of this formerly great nation have been overcome, gripped by something, perhaps many somethings. They seem to be under a spell, in the form of individual delusions with no common purpose or societal goals. The American populous, resulting from trash culture and even worse parenting, is thoroughly demoralized. We are primed to work against ourselves at the behest of a contrived ideology. While many understand that things are less than ideal, few realize the rot and corruption that is right beneath the surface. The Empire in Star Wars had all the best material and built stuff, cool tech, and offered many comfortable bureaucratic jobs, but it was a destroyer of lands, peoples, and hope. No amount of virtual signalling would change that.