More Lies and Consequences of Corruption

I pray each morning that all people gain awareness. I also pray that the extent of government corruption and incompetence is laid bare for all to see.

“It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.” – demon in Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis

A fresh crop of lies have been reveled: after 7 years the Trump-Russian collusion investigation found that it was Clinton, Obama, and the DOJ who concocted the scheme. The Hunter Biden laptop is real and there is evidence of prolific influence peddling, and it was systemically covered up. Also, known prior to rollout, the Covid mRNA vaccine was not safe nor effective. It was concluded that J-6 was a protest that got out hand in which federal officials maliciously manipulated the crowd. The U.S. perpetrated an act of war by blowing up critical infrastructure. This is just a glimpse of a government that is ridiculously institutionally corrupt and getting worse. Even the legislature is rendered impotent in efforts to reform. The Administrative State, Deep State, the Swamp are all features, protecting their own, while working against the interests of citizens.

Where are we now? The political Left has made too many Faustian bargains, it has to outright lie, deflect, and divide to keep pushing narratives. The Left is evidently captured by multinational corporations (including the banking sector), organizations, and governing bodies. Supporters have to believe increasingly absurd notions to demonstrate party loyalty. This includes the most “educated” among us. It turns out, they are the most indoctrinated. There is a refusal to see the truth or to form reasonable conclusions, preferring lies and biases. Totalitarianism, though not called by name, is increasingly being presented as progressive and moral. Upheaval will happen this decade. What will seem sudden, will have been orchestrated over many years. Unfortunately, the courageous voices offering truth were met with ridicule and ignored.

Now we have the grand-daddy lie of all, that white supremacy is the greatest threat to our Nation. You have to be totally whacked-out your head to believe this, but it looks like the young, women, and weak men are just that. Not only is this a lie, but a demoralizing attack on what is still the backbone of the Nation. They will keep repeating it. The Party, is engaged conjuring hate, depravity, division, destruction and chaos. They collectively want to burn civilization down, so that they can engineer Utopia in its ashes.

Intellectual conversation and debate is near impossible as delusional thinking has become the norm. Closed minds sullied by propaganda and lies in service of ego has shut down rational thought. What we have is conformity of thought, that is consequentially crowding-out innovation, solutions, and even meaning.

In conclusion, a lot folks are sacrificing their soul for “bullshit jobs”, a fake economy, depravity, and over-consumption. We live in extraordinarily decadent times, it is one for the ages, but it’s catching up to us, and no amount of virtue signalling, victim identity, or party loyalty can save you.