Institutional Corruption and Civilization Death-Drive

Death-Drive – manifests in the psyche as a tendency toward self-destruction, or more precisely the elimination of tension, which can also be turned outwards, whereby it becomes aggression.

The United States, as an experiment and empire, has been decadent for sometime, but more recently has entered the period of terminal decline that is now reaching peak velocity. Thoroughly demoralized, the Nation and its people no longer seem to be able to come up with reasonable conclusions to anything. In an odd twist, the most “educated” have become the most unreasonable. As a result of widespread institutional corruption, many individuals participating and supporting these systems are also corrupt, especially when they do it for self-gain. This has not gone unnoticed by the collective unconscious or our own individual psyche. This contributes to generalized anxiety resulting from shame that comes with rigging the game, playing and winning with extreme unfair advantage (see U.S. Dollar hegemony). Most folks do not realize that the U.S. is the center of global system that is horribly destructive and unjust. This corruption allows the U.S. to enjoy unparalleled privilege by historical standards. Yet Americans, by many measures have never been less happy, particularly women, and felt so purposeless. Dynamism, self-determinism, and creativity has receded and been replaced by stale, dependent, conformist posers seeking to loot the remaining booty. Unbeknownst to the general populous but we collectively are locked into a civilization death drive.

The thing about institutional corruption is that it is normalized, legal and even ethical within its framework. That’s what make institutional corruption so insidious, it is everywhere, like the air we breathe. Corruption is the rule for major institutions in America. Most folks are unaware, living on myth, lore, and near total ignorance of the situation. Despite being unaware and distracted by a plethora of modern amusements and consumed by ego pursuits and materialism, people can feel that life has become less meaningful, soulful, and disconnected from the truth. We never did find the answer to Nietzsche’s declaration, that “God is dead, and we killed him.” We thought we could fill that hole with science, technology, politics, hedonism, and reason, but like all human institutions these have proven remarkable easy to distort and deform to serve powerful and special interests… and they have.

Our society is suffering from existential generalized mental health crisis phenomenon as result from a deep psycho-spiritual corruption. As this is unrecognized, therefore unresolved, we are committing civilization suicide to relieve the tension.

If we are going to create positive change, we need to correctly identify the problem that needs solving. You will not find that by listening to those who benefit from the current system, most notably the federal government and large multinational corporations, which includes all major media and news.