Well on the Way to Fascist USA

Since 9/11 the federal government of the United States has taken the country and its citizens over a barrel and has had their way with them. While the politicians have been troubling, what most people do not understand is that the bureaucracy is much, much worse. For those under 35, they do not remember America when it was awesome, free, and a powerhouse dynamo of creativity and will. The government response to 9/11 was to bomb the shit out of countries that had nothing to do with the attacks, sacrificing the lives of millions of civilians and enemy combatants, as well as thousands of our own troops. Since there were only vague objectives to justify this murderous rampage, it should be no surprise that 20+ years later, it has all failed miserably, a disgrace and a national embarrassment. The U.S. broke countries and further destabilized the region. Now that region is beginning to unify over their mutual hatred of the U.S.. Additionally, since 9/11, Americans have had to sacrifice a lot. Americans accepted being tracked, traced, surveilled, censored, violated, ever still, all in the name of safety. The government also conducted a major fear campaign (remember color coded fear days?) again to justify the trampling the citizens Constitutional rights. Apparently in times of fear we have no rights.

The response to the great financial crisis of 2008 and the more than decade long massive intervention by the central bank and federal government created the biggest wealth inequality our Nation has known. Since 2008, our deficits, debt have sky rocketed, due to multiple rounds of quantitative easing, which really just means giving newly printed money to Wall Street Banks and multi-national corporations, while at the same time allowing them to borrow at artificially suppressed interests rates (below inflation). This windfall and interest free money was used by these mega-institutions to speculate wildly, pushing up stock prices, and to buy out their competition, squash innovation, and get rich beyond most people’s wildest dreams. This was all centrally planned by the United States government, a perverse socialism for the rich, chock full of moral hazard. These actions were devastating for responsible savers and pension funds (something we will have to deal with soon), while it rewarded irresponsible, greedy, speculators. The government signaled, still does, that if anything bad should happen to them (the speculators), the government will just take more money from hard working taxpayers and bail them out. We will be seeing more of this soon enough. Remember in 2014 Princeton found that we live in an oligarchy NOT a democracy as commonly believed. Authoritarianism, measurably, is on the rise, particularly in the U.S.

The government response to Covid was utter bullshit and an epic failure, in which they are currently covering up. The government instilled fear, so the government could grab control. With that control they degraded and demeaned citizens, failed public health, abused the children (which they will never fully recover), destroyed small business, severely damaged mental and physical health, and went on a massive spending spree that mainly befitted thew wealthy. That was simply theft, looting, and blatant corruption. This centralized response, timed perfectly to avoid a melt down of the financial markets (see repo crisis of 2019) that most were not aware of. Nothing about the government response made sense, and it was certainly not driven by data or the “science”. Even to this day, no government institution is analyzing the data, following up, or studying the response or vaccine. This is what a cover up looks like.

All of these events have been used so the government can assume more control, create dependency, and the illusion that all things come through them, not the productivity and creativity of the people. In truth, the government has fucked up every response royally, and they are the greatest spreaders of misinformation and disinformation. They are working diligently with multinational companies to quell free speech and silence anything that does not jive with their carefully crafted propaganda and deceit. To clarify the Bill of Rights is there to protect us from exactly this type of government intrusion and interference.

Once again, thinking about 9/11 and the great sacrifices U.S. citizens have made per their government requests, it is difficult to justify the latest trend among the elite, government bureaucrats, and academics, of the open southern border policy. By all accounts at least 2 million unlawful immigrants from all around the world are coming into the country annually. Unlike American citizens, more like the weapons DoD sends Ukraine, they go untracked. Our government has no idea if those who might do our country harm are amassing within its borders. This action pisses on the sacrifices all Americans have made, particularly our fallen soldiers, the trauma we have been through, the assaults on our freedoms. Now they plan to use this control domestically against any boogeyman they are able to convince us exists and poses a threats. The 24 hillbilly white supremacists with no resources or power do not pose any threat. As far as in-group preferences and racism, that’s part of being an animal and on this plane of existence, most of nature display preferences and natural affinities. It is impossible to eradicate this. It is possible to create a positive society and culture based on civic values and virtues where all are tolerated, treated with dignity, and justice is evenly applied. Humans have a deep desire to feel superior to our fellows, many in D.C. and working in the federal bureaucracy have a little bit of that divine-right thing going on. These folks have tremendous faith in their credentials, titles, and the myth and lore they spread (misinformation) via gossip. Remember D.C. does not based actions or policy on data or science, they place faith in gossip, what’s trendy among their peers, bureaucratic systems, and whatever comes out of the mouth of ‘leadership’. It is culture of conformity (cowardliness), heavily indoctrinated, and they will literally destroy the Nation and what remains of western civilization for the latest bullshit narrative they willingly sell themselves on. What’s worse is that nobody, and I mean nobody, in the government today is willing to take responsibility for anything! There is no accountability at all. If our government actions result in World War 3 or economic collapse (both likely) no body will be held accountable.

It is terrifying that the American people are so accepting of the diktats from an unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy, who have been corrupted by their own ego pursuits for position, prestige, and getting paid. Increasingly, these bureaucrats are merging their institutions with large corporate influences. We know where this goes…

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” – Benito Mussolini