Is “Woke” Just a Cover for Corruption?

Increasingly it appears to me that being “Woke” is just a cover for corruption. It is similar to virtue signalling, which requires no virtue or sacrifice, it’s more of an exercise in branding. Perhaps I am too cynical, but when big government, multinational corporations, the military/industrial complex, all of the banking and finance entities, academia, society’s elite, and all of Hollywood and the vast majority of media are all cloaked in rainbow flags, wagging their fingers at small businesses, god fearing traditional families, and the working class, something foul is afoot. When all of the entities that want to track, trace, control, and profit off exploiting individuals coalesce to form a single voice for the purposes of unified propaganda, something is wrong.

There are few institutions more “Woke”, and a prime example, than the Department of Defense. The DoD has practically turned its back on masculine men who honor God and country. Generally, the enlisted soldiers are looked down upon by bureaucrats and defense industry insiders, who are very ‘Woke”. Instead of attracting traditional types of warriors, in recent years DoD has placed emphasis on attracting women and transgender troops. If you are transgender, the U.S. military will bend over backwards for you to enlist. If you are a strong young man, you will be derided for being racist, sexist, and told that you are the problem. Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex has become decadent to the extreme, the everyday institutional corruption is mind-blowing… a disgrace.

The creation of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scores, a social credit system for publicly traded companies, has accelerated Woke initiatives even to the point of alienating customers. Perversely, it is more important to have access to Wall Street liquidity than it is to turn profit. Like so many things these days, it is upside down and chock full of moral hazard. I could go on…. but I would like for you to think about and start recognizing how “Woke” is used as a convenient cover for corrupt practices.

If you think “Woke” is everywhere, wait until you realize how much corruption there is.