Now Serving World War 3

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) drives what is left of the U.S. non-financialized economy. One of the last things the United States creates and domestically manufactures is sophisticated weaponry, which in 2023 the MIC sold weapons to 142 countries (out of 197), 57% of which are characterized as authoritarian regimes. The U.S. is arming the globe, and the globe is arming itself like it is on the verge of World War.

While our Nation’s brightest minds have gone into finance, much of that energy, effort and focus has supported building weapons and creating war. There is at least seven million lavishly supported by the war machine, receiving salaries 40% higher than the national average, and even better benefits. Virtually all of our country’s discretionary expenditures and industrial output is blown on the MIC. Prioritizing the war machine, making it highly lucrative, one would expect there to be the pedaling of constant conflict and threats to cheer for and defend against. That would be the MIC’s extremely well funded influence. The MIC does not give a damn about the troops. “Support the Troops” is the MIC’s “Got Milk?” campaign. They confuse the public into believing that supporting the MIC is the same as supporting the troops. The troops are told to get on food stamps and are struggling with a host mental health issues, they are not okay.

“Never Attribute to Malice That Which Is Adequately Explained by Stupidity.” -Hanlon’s Razor

How did the MIC get so corrupt? Surely there are good decent people employed in the MIC and DoD. Of course there are. However, folks in the government bureaucracy, responsible for this mess, are heavily indoctrinated and subjected to constant internal propaganda. Those inside the bubble think, seemingly, in unison. Standing up against the machine from the inside means you will no longer employed in the industry. MIC insider’s sell their souls, not all at once or even consciously, but over time they all do. If they didn’t their conscience would get the better of them, as they are the merchants of death, and indirectly responsible death and destruction. MIC insider’s come from generally come from privileged backgrounds and love that they can make six figure salaries, working half days from home four days a week. They happily sell themselves on the virtues of war, they are the biggest cheerleaders. The MIC is falling over themselves to support the ongoing campaign in Ukraine, but the MICs big target is China. Internally, they are preparing. The latest DoD initiative spearheaded by a “swamp creature” if their ever was one, is expediting the development of thousands of A.I. enabled autonomous drones (including warplanes) to “combat China”. This is scary shit, this can be used domestically. China is currently and steadily on its way to building a much more capable military, while our Department of Defense is suffering from the worst leadership anyone could possibly imagine. Our military, despite the gargantuan spending on the MIC is in absolute shambles, we are behind on everything, recruiting is down, standards are dropping, new capabilities are being delivered with serious defects, if they are delivered at all. A major feature of the military complex is waste, and waste is where the money is for consultants, go-betweens, favored corporations and alike. The wasted time, talent, and resources going into the war machine, instead of things that would increase increase quality of life and productivity, is a serious misallocation and is a sign of our fall.

In D.C. there are no calls for peace, nobody is working for it, it is not a priority. However, the calls for conflict and war are legion, a uni-voice. A global war is on its way – and we can thank the bureaucrats and their buddies, the academics. There are too many people, too many resources focused on assuring it happens, most of them are just trying be on trend and fit-in… not kidding, the “culture” is thick.

America’s days as a the dominate world power are coming to an end. We know all empires fall the same way: they over extend themselves militarily, borders are invaded, the populous becomes a bunch of degenerates, and they devalue their currency leading to hype-inflation. To cover this up, they turn to war, and it becomes the excuse, not the real cause – corruption and incompetency

In 2014 the word of the year was “post-truth”, we slide right past that and ended up in dishonest times. The Military Industrial Complex, as warned by Eisenhower so long ago, is a powerful conglomerate, a merging of corporate and state power that effects every Congressional district in the Nation. Whether you like it or not we all work for, sacrifice, and support the MIC.