Racism is in High Demand but in Short Supply

In America today the demand for racism is very high, but it is in short supply. Nonetheless according to the coastal elites, white supremacy is the new threat, requiring a new war on terror. Meanwhile the old war on terror is passe, never-mind the sacrifices, now we just let anybody in, as long as it is through the southern boarder. Where they go nobody knows. I digress, there is no government cure for racism, it can’t be legislated or policed out of existence. An enlightened culture is the best bet, but we’re not going that way. In-group preference, along with innate desire to feel superior to others, is deeply embedded in the animal kingdom and humanity. The ‘Woke’, unbeknownst to them, desiring to feel superior, model this behavior more than most others, demonstrating a lack of humility. All one has to do is listen to bureaucrats or academics talk for a half hour to understand what ‘smug’ means. The desire to feel superior is an often unacknowledged but powerful driver of human behavior. When it comes to ‘white supremacy’ I think it is as rare as those who believe the Earth is flat. That is not to say there are none, but the few that exist are low on the socioeconomic scale, cognitively disabled, and lack power. However, those hurdling the insults and remarks, with equally as skewed view points, are firmly in control.

The heterosexual white man with traditional Christian values, hardworking, and patriotic appear is systematically being dehumanized by mainstream propaganda shaping our culture. Examples from history make it pretty clear where this is going. To a place, few think is possible today, but who will be shocked by how fast it happens. We are still on the other side of the upcoming economic crisis, the war, and the ‘event’. The economic crisis is baked in, war is likely, and the ‘event’ is the wild card. After these occur the UNITED STATES of America will no longer exist as a Nation. It will be something else, and if power is seized by those who caused the problems, to benefit themselves, it will be absolute shit.

The Nu-Racism pushed by progressives today, is simply a means to control the populous. It divides and distracts the unwitting useful idiots, who believe since they have advanced degrees, that could not possibly be them. It is.