The Demoralization of Today’s Political Left

The 2020’s have shown how easily people can shift or completely revise their principles in response to manipulation. Prior to the pandemic, it was the crunchy-granola, Birkenstock wearing Vermont-style ultra-liberal hippies that were the anti-vaxxers, and had been for many years. The Pharmaceutical industry was least trusted of all, and indeed, Pfizer has paid large fines for their criminal chicanery. Coming from a profit perspective (cost/benefit), illegality is simply a part of their business model. Now in 2023, after the pandemic, these same people are pushing for government enforcement of vaccines, and they exalt the pharmaceutical companies as saviors. Any question of vaccine safety or effectiveness, basically groups you in with people who believe the Earth is flat. There is no place for skepticism, evidence, or critical thinking. If one asks for examination, they are immediately cast out as a right-wing conspiracy theorists. There is no in-between, one is either on the side of the “authorities” and the propagandists or considered a fool.

It was not so long ago that people in the Democratic party identified as Liberal. No longer is that the case, they have gone hard in the other direction in record time. Whether it be free speech, personnel freedoms and rights, or differing ideas, they are rigid in the belief that these need to be controlled by centralized authorities. In a similar vein, they have completely turned their backs on the working and middle-class, in favor of creating government dependent classes at both extremes of the economic pyramid (most will be at the bottom). Dependency is the name of the game, it is just sold as equality and justice.

The Democrats once fashioned themselves as the thinking-class, intellectual, and willing to take into account scientific evidence. Now, applying rational solutions to challenges and problems has given way to enriching powerful special interests. They have become the cheerleaders of big government and big corporations working together to craft and shape narratives, for our own good of course.

The slogan used to be reduce, reuse, recycle. Now those same folks want to go 0-60 in 3 seconds in 5,000lb. cars, strip mine the Earth for materials for batteries and solar panels, and spend as much future prosperity as possible (debt), pulling massive amount of consumption forward in time. They don’t even express care about toxins in the environment, but they terrorize children about climate change while virtue signalling from their $75k electric car. It is absurd.

The new Left are War Pigs, both parties are technically, but the Left uses the defense industry to spread money around districts, create government dependency, nationalize industries, force “social justice” – the Woke are war mongers, even if they don’t realize it.

What concerns me the most is the Left’s attitude toward children. As a society, we used to protect the innocence of children, taught and guided them so they becoming healthy, productive adults. No more, the Left wants drag queens, strangers talking to their children about sex, government employees facilitating sex changes unbeknownst to parents, etc. Express concern about these activities will have you instantly labelled a bigot. Traumatizing children is apparently virtuous and inclusive – we have optimized childhood to create trauma. This has been an unfortunate by-product of defective thinking via post-modern feminism, that encourages hyper-materialism, relativism, and narcissism. Angry white women, duped by a irrational ideologies, claiming victim-hood and quick to blame others is the core of today’s Democratic party. These women are very upset that promiscuity, careers, and materialism has not induced happiness. They would rather destroy society than admit they may have been wrong. Classic.

Like the President and his son, the modern day Left have become colossal douche-bags, wearing a false cloak of compassion. What happened? I want the old Left back! They used to be interested in solving problems, now they are the Party of Chaos. Critical Theory as philosophy calls for exactly this. It’s like they have fallen under a spell. All that is needed a dynamic strongman or woman to stand up and present themselves as the solution. That will truly kick of the age of American totalitarianism. This is their goal, whether the useful idiots understand it or not. We so, so, so close already.

To say that America has lost its soul would be an understatement. The Left, of course, will tell you their no such thing, only the material. Instead they put a great deal of faith in people, what many would consider “the elite”, they and their messaging is their religion, crowding out god, true compassion and mercy. In short, the American Left has lost their way and has become the party of totalitarianism.