A Dangerous Activity: Questioning the Narrative

The narrative, do you dare to question the contrived narrative? The majority of the populous are passive consumers of media and information, making them prime for the covert diktats of propaganda. Oddly, with rise of the internet and college degrees fewer people today are able to think critically and many lack basic research skills. Information has become ubiquitous, tailored by social media, that specializes in appealing to our baser natures. We have been raised on a steady diet of fast food for the mind, supported by tiny feelgood dopamine hits. Few engage in arduous intellectual pursuits. Instead we passively accept the views mouthed by politicians, CEOs, entertainers, bureaucrats, and billionaires. Being an intellectual today, makes one an enemy of the state and its mouth pieces. The intellectual, by definition, seeks to question, understand, and solve normative problems that face society. While many folks intuitively know that things are not quite as they seem, only intellectuals can actually fight against bullshit and lies. During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, which led to today’s Chinese Communist Party, the intellectuals were the first targeted for humiliation, torture, imprisonment, and death. The free sharing of ideas makes those who stand to profit and gain from general ignorance very anxious.

Recently six tranches of the “Twitter Files” were released by the new owner of Twitter. These are incredibly important and damning revelations. So far we know that Twitter worked directly with Biden campaign and others to suppress the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story weeks and months prior to the election. We know that Twitter and the Biden campaign/administration was in direct regular contact to coordinate manipulation of stories on the platform. We also know that Twitter “specialized” in censoring conservative opinions and contrary thought, while extreme leftist views and child porn was given the OK. This was extreme and blatant. We also know that there was no basis to remove and censor a sitting President from the platform, they made it up on the fly. The sixth tranche revealed that Twitter’s relationship with the FBI is so close one observer said it acted, “as if it is was a subsidiary.”

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

Totalitarianism and propaganda are inextricably linked, you can’t have one without the other. Western civilization is weak and has been demoralized. The average person has little defense against the sophisticated technologies and algorithms that guide, brainwash, their thinking. At the same time we have become a bunch of godless narcissists who cannot admit when they are wrong, nor humble themselves. We are ‘educated’ but unskilled and lacking in competencies, therefore we follow narratives and protocols, hoping that those who created them are benevolent and know what they are doing. Spoiler: they aren’t and do not. We are too fat, lazy, and stupid to admit our blind spots, that certain ideologies have failed, and that without common culture and beliefs we are susceptible to demagoguery and utter falsehoods. Sadly, hate and rage are two of the easiest emotions to elicit and bridle, love needs to be cultivated. The capture and failure of the West’s most venerated institutions is difficult to see for the average person. Most of us like to play make believe and live in the fairy tale of lies we are told, it is easy.