Advanced Degrees in Selling Out

Something has gone terribly wrong in academia in the U.S.A.! At some point educational institutions stopped educating students and started indoctrinating them. The difference between education and indoctrination is simple. One equips an individual to think, the other tells them what to think. Research indicates that 2/3rd of students who go to college show a decrease or no improvement in critical thinking skills upon graduation. Other research has shown that those on the political Left that have advanced degrees have as skewed opinions and perspectives, when measured against data, as do high school dropouts on the right (note: only one group has power).

Most federal bureaucrats come straight from academia as overly entitled snot-nosed know-it-alls, at no point do they come to understand how ‘the real world’ works. It is a land of make-believe, the adult version of Romper Room. Currently post-academic Millennials are really big into unicorns, rainbows, and playing dress-up. Their LinkedIn cringe revels they are working in ‘woke’ grade school environments, behaving childishly (ego) and irresponsibly (not being held accountable). If you go to work for the federal government, you don’t ever have to grow up. Their behavior is modified by receiving awards (participation trophies), promotions, pay, prestige, and being told how ‘amazing’ by they are by their peers. They outsource their thinking and implicitly trust leaders. These incentives create a compliant but almost brain-dead workforce that feels like a mix of ‘Stepford Wives’ and Stalinism. Today, everywhere that academia dominates becomes institutionally corrupt: government, finance, healthcare, education, and even philanthropic organizations. It turns out that the ‘educated’ have been indoctrinated to serve special interests. In short, they learned to become ‘sellouts’. They have had their sense indoctrinated out of them, now they are at the whims of mainstream consensus.

Trouble arises as result of individual and collective moral and cognitive dissonance within the bureaucracy; accepting no blame, they point the fingers at others and encourage others to do the same. The federal bureaucrats and their best buds in academia never point the finger at themselves, they’d sooner this place burn than be held accountable for their terrible ideas (most don’t even know they are doing this).