A Virtuous Life of Ease

Americans want to live a virtuous life as long as it does not require sacrifice. We are happy to save the planet if that means buying an electric car with the equivalent of 600hp that does 0-60mph in 3 seconds. However, when it comes to living cleanly and consciously, Americans defer their individual responsibilities. Pollutants, toxins, over consumption, you name it, if it provides convenience, ecology be damned. Many Americans live in a permanent state of hypocrisy which enables their delusions. We accept the reality in which we are presented, a late-stage empire with the all of the commensurate decadence and propaganda born myth. Nothing embodies this more than virtue signalling, which indicates conforming beliefs to the latest trendy humanitarian concern. The truth is Americans have never been more self absorbed and careless.

For the American empire, it is the best of times and the worst of times; the paradox of having a global system that provides us with ease. The reality is since we kicked god to the curb, we have been struggling with meaning and morals. When Nietzsche declared god is dead he feared times such as these. Now we have more cults, “isms”, belief in superstition than ever before. Instead of being based on god, having a soul, and ancient wisdom, it is political dogma, politics, and comforting lies. Post-modern America has become lazy and dull. We have lost a sense of humor and the ability to admit to mistakes, we stick to our lies more than we stick with our guns.