Open Boarders and Sex

Academics and bureaucrats have long been obsessed with remaking the Country based on their ideals. Many point to the fact that utopia has not been achieved as proof that further meddling is needed, more rules, laws, engineering, and rebelling against Nature is required. They know not where they are going, it is change for change sake. They naively seem to believe that all change is positive.

One thing that must have all the highly credentialed (indoctrinated) in gleeful jubilation, is the “open boarder” policy of the Biden administration and Senate. The Left, particularly women, have been fighting for this ever since Trump was elected. Remaking the country to fulfill Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) guidelines is not just for workplace human resource ideologues, it is a societal push by ‘elites’. In our modern age, increasingly divorced from history, knowledge and truth; diversity of external attributes (materialism) is a major organizing force along with the victim-hood ideology, spawned by Critical Theory, of oppressed versus oppressor. This thinking is a set-up for strife, conflict, and confusion. Since God does not dwell in confusion, we can surmise that these forces are of a different sort.

Destroying the soul of a Nation to institute technocratic-authoritarianism with the belief that corrupt institutions and people will create anything, much less a beautiful society, is crazy for anyone who knows their history or has some awareness.

I always think back to JD Unwin’s incredibly thorough work, Sex and Culture, showing that a society can only last one or two generations after sexual restrictions, particularly on women, are abandoned. Gen X was the first generation post sexual revolution, followed by the Millennials, it doesn’t look like the Nation is going to remain intact or offer its blessings for Gen Z . We know that it is men who build and maintain civilization, if they dropout or are weakened, so goes the society. Women do not build, instead they cozy up to whomever is dominate. This can be the native male population, or they can just as easily switch sides and adopt the values of invading and conquering forces, this is a theme throughout history. The overly privileged women of the West have already switched sides. They have already turned their backs on the civilization resulting from the European Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. The West has already transitioned into a new dark age, governed by superstition and myth. The United States and others are living off of past glory, but this will run out soon enough. Western women don’t understand how good they have it. They have been bred to be dissatisfied, confused, and more than anything, envious. Feminism is a misery making ideology and its grand finale will be the collapse of civilization.

The open boarder policy is much more than the ultimate Leftist virtue signal, it will play a significant role in the upcoming collapse, which will serve to further destabilize a Nation burying itself in debt, war, bad ideas, and internal division. There are no generations left with minds developed before the corrosive effects of Sex and the City style feminism. America has lost its soul to a temptress, women’s desire to use their sexuality as a utility. A power too great to be left to semi-intelligent primates.

Custom and Border Patrol estimates that about 10 Million migrants will come into the country illegally by the end of the current administration in early 2024. That is a population greater than that of 36 states.