Degradation of Basic Awareness

Let’s not complicate things here.  I want to bring attention to what I perceive is a declining awareness among the general public. No, I am not talking about politics, critical thinking or even celebrity gossip; nothing that sophisticated.  I am talking about something much more basic and primal, the awareness of one’s own surroundings.  The awareness that has served humanity for thousands of years to keep us out of harms way and to assist us in the hunt, battle and from becoming prey.  The baseline awareness of our immediate surroundings is in decay.  Never mind what this must mean for higher awareness (despite all of the gurus on social media).  People are simply existing in space not actively engaged, not in-tune or present.  The wobbling, micro-radiated masses are increasingly numb to the physical space they occupy.

Observe and watch how many people are startled as if they are waking from dream while walking down the street or grocery isle.  Notice how many will look right at you and obstruct your right-of-way as if they do not understand courtesy or motion.  This appears to be more common for women.  Men for thousands of years were the hunters, warriors, and did the most dangerous work, resulting in a greater need for spatial awareness.

It’s a bit of a concern that our species most basic awareness, the one most necessary for survival has been so degraded.  This sorry state leads me to believe that those things which demand higher awareness, consciousness, and thought (politics, morality, spirituality) are much worse than they even appear.

For those who would like to wake up, I recommend Anthony de Mello – Awareness