Power & Control – The Environmental Agenda

The U.S. and other western economies are surviving on debt. As far as innovation and production go they are experiencing stagnation. You may not notice this staring at your screen, but if you look up and beyond the digital world, there has been very little progress. In fact, everything appears to be in various states of decay and everything new looks faux. To make up for economic collapse and technological and scientific stagnation, we have resorted to financial and monetary shenanigans. Without artificially rigged interest rates and apartheid (large corps and banks borrowing at much lower rates than others) and ever expanding money printing (debt) the U.S. and other economies would be dead. In late 2019 it looked like the banking sector was on the verge of crisis, fortunately for the sector the pandemic came along at exactly the right time and spurred a round of massive spending (debt). It is estimated that the pandemic led to 30 TRILLION in debt spending by global central banks, but those effects 18 months later are already beginning to wear off. We all know that the wealth for the 1% has skyrocketed unlike any other time in history during this period, truly parabolic!

Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.’ – George Orwell (1984)

Maybe you have noticed in recent months that the Treasury and Federal Reserve have gotten in on the climate change bandwagon. Why do they care? They don’t really, but a recent Bank of America report suggests that the actions to tackle climate change will spur 150 TRILLION in debt spending in the coming years. This debt is essentially pulling consumption and prosperity forward in time to be used in the present and leaving the consequences for future generations. Like the Trillions wasted during the pandemic, the average person will probably not see much improvement in the environment from the New Green Deal fueled by Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). In truth, this is just another wealth transfer/Ponzi scheme and avenue to consolidate power. Just like during the health crisis there was no talk of health, just more efficient means to profit pharmaceutical companies and consolidate of power and wealth, the environment scam is much, much larger. Obviously conserving and living within our means, reducing consumption, would not only be the right thing to do for the next generation but also most prudent for the environment. They would have us believe that spending Trillions to consume and intensively rip up the Earth to rework energy systems is good for the environment. There are many common sense things we could do but this certainly is not. This is not really for the environment is it? There has been little in the past few decades to suggest we are serious about the environment, in fact we seem to be only getting more wasteful, decadent, and devising more inefficient neighborhoods and cities.

It is important to note that operating under Modern Monetary Theory as we are now, taxes are secondarily about revenue, the primary goal of taxation under MMT is to penalize and punish undesirable behaviors (and people).

‘Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.’ – George Orwell (1984)

The environmental agenda that will come to define the 2020s for western countries (China the largest polluter is exempt for some reason) will penalize the working and middle class egregiously, as it will raise taxes and likely lead to greater rates of inflation. Making us all poor may in fact be the most environmentally progressive thing, limiting our ability to consume and own property. The slogan for the World Economic Forum (Davos crowd) for the Great Reset states, “it is 2030, you own nothing and you are happy.” That is what the environmental agenda is really about as far as I can tell. Massive consumption and environmentalism do not go together, but making people poor (or eliminating them) unable to consume and controlling them does. Stripping the masses of resources and subjecting them to centralized control is the name of the game.

‘The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.’ – George Orwell (1984) 

All of this is happening right in front of us. To absolve themselves they are even making it known, but clearly the power of modern technologies and propaganda are too much for our semi-intelligent ape-like brains to thwart. Our apathy and ignorance along with tribalism, and collective unconscious guilt is driving us to destruction. Perversely this is being cheered and heralded by armchair activists, conforming virtue signalers, and party loyalists.

Please look up, look around and try to understand what is happening. It is not too late yet, but it may be very soon.

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