Creation vs. Destruction

I sometimes look at things from a creation versus destruction point of view. Most folks are either busy creating or destroying. Some folks want to create beautiful marriages and children, others exploit and hurt those closest to them. Some folks want to create new understanding, others spread disinformation. Some folks want to create community, other folks gossip and lie. Some folks want to create new symbols and art, others indulge in attention seeking behavior. Some take responsibility, others blame and victimize themselves for moral superiority. Some create new capability and innovation, others seek to regulate and coerce. The dichotomy is clear in people and institutions, some seek to create, while others seek power and control. (If you are thinking of tech companies, many started out creating but devolved into seeking power and control – destructive).

There are a lot of destructive forces taking the lead in society and few engage in the act of creation. Don’t listen to people who are not creating, and stay far away from those who pretend, as they are almost always a narcissist. Bureaucrats and most politicians do not create, they hinder the act of creation by forced control. Bureaucracies are risk adverse and are discouraging, therefore not conducive for the act of creation. Structures and intuitions that do not inspire creation should not be supported. If they broker in fear and tragedy they should be ignored – media, political parties, family, partners etc. as they are abusers.

Seek to orient yourself toward creation everyday.