The Devil is Us on Social Media

When we think of the devil many of us think about a character with horns and a pitchfork, but mounting evidence seems to indicate the devil is us. It us on social media. Social media with its algorithmic manipulation – is little more than a social comparison, rage machine.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – T. Roosevelt

No truer words have been said about human’s social and emotional condition. Yet many of us, engage in the action of doing exactly that for hours everyday… for little addictive dopamine hits, trying to fit in, and chasing our ego’s desires (narcissism). The overall results, or consequences, of social media’s wide scale adoption seems to result in serious mental health problems, and this is doubly true for young women.

Despite all w know about social media’s harmful effects and its contribution to societal, psychological, and spiritual degradation few ever say the obvious, “stop it!” There is a lot of talk about limiting access, limiting speech, and a whole host of ways deal with the negative influences, the one you do not hear is abstinence. Social media abstinence is the quickest way back to sanity and gratitude available. Once you put it down within a short period of time it is nearly forgotten about and frees up so much more time for everything else.