The Devil in our Midst

The pandemic is being swept under the carpet as fast as it came in and terrorized the developed world. The narrative is shifting to an all too familiar scapegoat – Russia! Russia! Russia! and its madman evil dictator Vlad. The Covid crisis was losing its fear power and the people were beginning to wake up and see through the lies and incompetency of the ruling and managerial classes. The attention of the masses needed to be diverted and given something else to fear and hate (also an excuse to print dollars and sell weapons). The Left was getting a little uneasy being against the working-class truckers. Many older or naive democrats still think their party stands with the working and middle classes “the little guy” and are the good ones. If that ever was true, it is all just white wash and PR now. Instead the party is coalescing around regressive, stupid, and dangerous ideas that will lead to tremendous suffering for decades to come. If you are a democrat today it is likely because you are a government dependent, identify as ‘managerial class’ (or wannabe), or a globalist oligarch. The modern day left has turned against all of the values that I and many others grew up with. It is a party comprised of useful idiots, who think they are smart (and better), willfully doing the bidding of the elite.

The means to hack humans with sophisticated psychological conditioning and technology is happening. Very few of your thoughts are yours, and almost all of your ideas are theirs. The combination of Big Business and Big Government is more powerful than most individuals can fathom. Gathering forces are bringing about a technocratic fascism that wants uniform indoctrinated thinking, digital currency and IDs for total control. There has been a great deal of success toward these ends, the masses are actively working against their interests to aid and abed these ego maniacs.

It is important to realize a few basic principles. Governments want control, politics wants power, and corporations want profit, and they all want more. When these combine, as they have and are, they are the ingredients for a diabolical new 21st century fascism; it looks different but it is even more potent than its predecessors.

Currently, we have caught many of our public health (government) officials, corporate CEOs, and politicians lying about critical information and keeping secrets. Diablo or devil means ‘prince of lies’ or ‘lord of lies’ in Latin. It is important to realize that where there is lying, there is likely evil at play. There is too much lying going on in the public sphere, this portends evil. If global war should happen, if the economy fails, if civil unrest develops, if authoritarianism is realized; it will be the fault of government, corporations, and politicians. However, they gave us plenty of notice and evidence about their goals. We were told to look the other way, so we did.

“This is the way the world ends; not with a bang but a whimper.” – T.S. Elliott