Military Industrial Complex

We all know President’s Eisenhower’s farewell address that warned the American public of the undue influence of the “Military-industrial complex.” Those words were not heeded and that entity is a massive behemoth of highly indoctrinated thinking and grift that parades as being good and of ‘service’. For government bureaucrats it is a life of security, comfort, and highly lucrative post government careers. For all the money taxpayers invest and work so hard to for, the military squanders it producing poorer results every year, but folks get really, really wealthy. The defense business, like finance, medical, and to a lesser degree education is a scam and largely about wealth transfer.

The recent Defense Production Act shoveled funding to the military to deal with Covid-19 was a windfall for consultants. The single biggest spending line item by a long shot was ‘advisory and assistance’ services. This spending was all funded by debt that future generations are on the hook for, squandered to support the Boomers continued fortunes. These are not bright consultants, many are dullards that add little benefit, but have dutifully played the game. Any time I see a general officer, I see someone who has sucked upped and been a yes-man. “Nobody in a bureaucracy ever got passed up for a promotion for saying NO.” No other industry sucks up more than the defense industry. No other industry is as Woke.

Defense Production Act Spending since 2017 – Highlighted line item Advisory and Assistance Services (aka consultants)

In order to justify the waste and abuse that is normalized within the defense industry, new foes and boogeymen must be in ready supply. What is concerning about recent rhetoric, is that the US military is turning its focus domestically to tackle the scourge of ‘white supremacy’ and domestic terrorism. The DOD’s top General recently testified before Congress that he is onboard 100%. This war on domestic terrorism will be handled in the same way the others wars on terror have been: increased surveillance, the death of innocent people, fear mongering, concentrating power in the hands of a few corporations (defense contractors, big-tech), which opens the door to real fascism. Never mind that the data and stats. do not support their claims. Hey they never found WMDs in Iraq either, and they are leaving Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia much worse off. Their sights are set and a lot of artificial intelligence and big data companies stand to profit wildly – fascism is coming.

The President’s recent threat to the citizens of the Nation is telling, “if you are going to come after the US government you better have F-15s and maybe some nukes.” The Left always assumes that the military is going to fall in line with their cause. Hence, why there is such focus on indoctrinating military personnel that white people are the real threat. The training has already occurred throughout the military. This administration is sowing the seeds for a civil war. Woke ideology and Critical Race Theory are divisive by nature. More and more people are beginning to awaken, therefore the agenda for control, rhetoric, and actions must intensify. When George Orwell was asked about the future, he asked us to imagine a boot stomping on a face forever. The changes and shifts in society are happening at breakneck speed.

I used to be so proud of how this Nation handled race and got along better than any other. The Left’s desire to will evil into existence and stoke the flames of racism and hate is not righteous, but planned. They know those with low IQs and a poor sense of history can be easily mislead as they can only comprehend single concepts without nuance or greater understanding. We are dumbed down, unhealthy physically, mentally and spiritually; many they have become nothing more than servile useful idiots; representatives for the emerging technocratic neo-feudal system.

None of this is hard to see, however, people are blinded by hate, envy and greed, and psychologically controlled. It is important that those who have a sense of morality, honesty, and awareness meet these people with love and kindness. Conservatives are always held to much higher standards. Like all psychopaths, the Left does not hold them to their own standards but the victims – classic. We, the honest, moral, and decent, must do our best to outshine the darkness. We must not stoop to the level of the black hearted icky people. They will prey on the weakest and try to bait them. Persevere, honesty and goodness can only be obscured for so long.

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