Who Will Own Everything?

The slogan for the “Great Reset” or more commonly known in this country, the Build Back Better agenda is “it is 2030, you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” If the people own nothing, then who will own it all? You probably will be surprised to find out the same institution(s) that already own it all. Blackrock is an American investment firm that owns the world! You may think that is hyperbole until you look into it. It doesn’t matter what industry; banking, defense, pharmaceuticals, energy, media, food, transportation, real estate, tech including social media and search, you name it and Blackrock is either the largest shareholder or in the top three. Blackrock, along with Vanguard and State Street are the largest shareholders of more than 90% of the S&P 500 companies. Their tentacles touch everything and everyone on Earth in someway or another. You may think you are getting choice, but all roads lead back to these companies. Blackrock also happens to be the largest pension manager for government. Blackrock and a few others play all sides, heck, they even own large shares in each other. Blackrock owns large stake in Vanguard, and Vanguard owns large stake Blackrock and they all own large stake in the big banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. These investment corporations, like the big banks and large investment firms overwhelmingly support Democrats. I have long said, that Republicans are the party of business and corporations big and small, but the Democrats are the party of finance and banking and these shape the narratives and rule the world.

It is important to understand during this pandemic what we call mainstream or corporate media is all owned by Blackrock and they are the largest shareholders in the vaccine companies too. The Federal Reserve is private banking cartel (not a federal agency) made up of member banks, Blackrock being the largest shareholder of each have their interests well served there too. The Federal Reserve is creating new currency which devalues existing currency leading to inflation (the real cause) and also massive debt burdens on future generations. In a very real sense it is a hostile takeover. The climate debate is being shaped by the same players. A minimum of $150 Trillion is at stake over the next 2-3 decades according to Treasury Secretary (and former Federal Reserve Chairperson), Janet Yellen. Climate change is going to be the one most resource consumptive and lucrative businesses going forward, and the investment banks want to front-run the trend they are creating. All of it is a wealth and power transfer scheme designed to extract from the bottom and give to the top. The current course of action indicates the aim to squeeze the middle class out of existence largely through inflation and debt. Once the stuff you own now wears out, you won’t be able to afford new stuff. They want government dependents. How they will shape our dependency is not totally known, though it will likely be through heavy handed authoritarianism. As Blackrock CEO and Founder has said “markets like totalitarian governments” and that he finds democracy pesky and “messy”.

As always ask who benefits. Do you benefit from the current government response to the pandemic, the eroding of freedoms, high inflation, soaring asset and commodity prices, poor healthcare and education, or the war making and landfill society we have become? Who benefits the most? Blackrock and similar entities are at the very tippy-top of the list.

We are being played and the Nation and its future are being looted in broad daylight, but we are too stupid, sick, and divided to even care.