Playing with Fire

America should be getting some tinglings from its Spidey senses. From the looting of stores without penalty, looking the other way at black racially motivated attacks on others, to defunding and demoralizing police, and preaching the ideology of victim-hood and critical theory is a set up for nasty stuff. Those who wish this Nation harm are using politics and manipulation to inspire hate in what is generally the weakest group in America. Much of urban black culture is broken. The once mighty black family has been destroyed by ill-begotten polices. We are now encouraging the most abused population, the most dependent, and sadly often the least educated and intelligent to commit crime and violent acts. A narrative has been spun, though the data is in stark opposition, most do not care. Instead what is revealed is age old, folks want to hate on poor white people and distance themselves from white trash in their heritage. In the early 21st Century it is vogue to identify with anti-white groups like BLM and similar intersectional movements, like the unhappy making 4th wave feminism, as a way to distance themselves from a perceived flaw in lineage. What we are dealing with and must push back against is hate and icky-ness. All of this faulty thinking and hate is going foment into some really bad things. Targeting and using black people to sow the seeds of civil unrest and violence, is something that would only be conceived by the same folks who look the other way to child abuse; the Left. Once again the Left, with its long, long track record, is using and abusing the black population to serve their ends. This is what by any means necessary really means, throwing the weak and useful idiots under the bus to achieve nefarious ends.

I lived in transitional urban neighborhoods most of my adult life. The culture in the nearby black communities I came to accept as being broken. It was not always broken, but broken by welfare, terrible polices, regressive culture, and dependency. Many of these places are high crime areas, where violent attacks on whites by blacks is a weekly or even daily occurrence. These are tinder boxes and the Left is giving them permission to act on their worst predilections. This is intentional stoking of hatred and violence, while demoralizing those who would prevent and protect us. It is very clear that there is a movement to destabilize these areas and others. The recent brazen coordinated smash and grabs, like burning of building and businesses we saw last year is just the start. The complicit corporate owned media revels in its power to fuel the violence and hate, the further Left your source the greater the hate and misinformation.

There is some good news. Despite the narrative of ‘white supremacy’ being the biggest threat to our Nation. They seem to be having an exceedingly difficult time finding any examples. Most of what has stoked the Left’s hate has been false, theater, and spin by their politicians and media outlets. This obviously jives with the crime statistics that show white crime against blacks is so low that it is statistically insignificant. Think about that, at least for the vast majority of white folks racism is not really a thing, certainly not acted upon.

If you feel hate for your fellow human being, take notice as hate is never righteous. If we each deal with our own issues, most derived from increasingly shitty parenting, schooling, and messaging as children, we can be a strong vibrant society. However, if we continue to play the Left’s disempowerment game, driven by our baser and worst emotions, not logic, reason, or cultural high mindedness we will all soon be witness to unknown horrors and tragedies. Please keep your side of the street clean, that includes your mind, body, and soul.