Hyper-materialism of the 21st century

Today’s dominate philosophy, the mental paradigm in which we live, is materialism. It has been so for at least 150 years. Modern Western Civilization likes things to be quantifiable and measurable to the extent that it ignores many aspects of life which cannot be. It is a very modern way of living, little thought is given to the spirit and deeper aspects of the human experience, in fact it is to the determent of these. By denying these deeper aspects, placing full faith in our highly limited senses and intelligence, we reduced meaning and the potential for meaning. As Nietzsche exclaimed “God is Dead… And we have killed him.” Nietzsche pondered and fraught over this his entire life. Without the comfort of God, answers for the after life, common moral and spiritual guidance, and meaning derived from religion and belief in God, can humanity construct it own meaning and not destroy itself? In 2020’s the answer as evidence by social sciences, free floating anxiety, and the generalized madness of society seems to be – no. Not just no, but Hell No! We have become psychotic.

As a society we find ever new and clever ways to express our materialism. In addition to the things in which we are accustomed to: signs of wealth, degrees and credentials, fame, material achievements, and technological advancements, we are increasingly commodi-fying ourselves. Through social media, hustle-culture, and others, generally described as hyper-comparison and consumerism, we are becoming our own material objects. That’s fucked up! We have truly become degenerates in every sense of the word. We think we are being “boss” by branding ourselves, collecting credentials and things, showing off, or envying these things in others. What we are doing, and teaching our young, is diminishing meaning and corroding our insides. No longer does humanity seek truth, beauty, and wisdom, but instead it accepts lies, profanity, and willful ignorance. This is what is known as being progressive.

If you find that you are person who is largely concerned with externals, don’t be. A higher meaning in life is to pursue truth, beauty, and to gather insights. Awareness is powerful for the process coming into being. Many people go to their deathbeds having never developed wisdom. While showing off may look exciting, it is meant to, it is usually a path to vacuousness.

Western civilization has turned its back on meaning. That does not mean you have to.