Impending Doom… The Aftermath of the Next Economic Crisis

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”  George Orwell

When I was an active alcoholic I became familiar with the feeling of impending doom.  The sense that if I continued to engage in my addiction that the worsening consequences were leading to something horrific or tragic.  This dissonance along with significant shame became the motivation for eventually getting sober.  However, that feeling of impending doom has returned over the recent months, but this time it is global in scale.   We are witnessing the death of paradigm and a grand experiment that has been designed to benefit a few but the consequences will be felt by all.

Several years ago I sought answers to the big questions of the day.  Why are people so angry, unhealthy and depressed?  Why is morality and virtue being distorted?  Why are so few people benefiting from the global wealth and resources?  Why so much war?  The answers led me to something most people find boring; economics and more specifically monetary policy.  I found that these were the answers to EVERY question I had.  The more I learned, the more I realized the world most people perceive is little different from the Matrix.  It is economic and monetary policy that makes the world go ‘round, and government is there to enforce it.   The wars and divisive political rhetoric serve to achieve economic ends and control by weakening the social fabric, making meaningful revolution impossible.  As long as the masses squabble among themselves, they will be too busy to look up at the real sources of inequality and looting.  The more the people are divided, the greater the conquest.  We have become pawns, “useful idiots” in their game.  Playing passionate politics will only ensure the choice between shackles or a noose.

We live in an unfair world, one that gets more so each day.  The looters have devised a system in which they receive free money at the expense of the taxpayers and generations yet to come.  Each penny they receive puts us a dollar in debt (fractional reserve banking), and then use it to inflate markets and buy the world’s resources and influence.  As they consolidate power across the globe, causing environmental and social destruction in their wake, they do so without fear for they are winning the game and will face no consequence for the mistakes they make.  Human life is expendable and is viewed with little more reverence than a pest; our redundancy has made us next to useless.  But the current system is breaking down; the debts are too large to bear.  It must and will fail before the people understand what has happened.  The turmoil that will soon follow must find a reason, a scapegoat to answer the questions many will have.  A new “evil” will emerge to quell the masses and justify war.  In the aftermath a solution will be offered; one of peace and brotherly love never-mind the servitude.  Finally we will all be equal under the boot.



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