The Cult of Woke – The Psychotic Precursor to Totalitarianism

Humans as far as we can tell have always tried to make sense of things and find meaning in nature and the cosmos. There is also a similar interest in moral and ethical behavior within society. This has been referred to as the ‘religious impulse’. There is evidence of this characteristic dating back to the earliest recorded history. It is safe to say that it is an indelible part of being a human. Yet, we live in age when many proport to know better, and that ‘The Science’, politics, and centralized authoritarian bureaucracies are the ticket to greater understanding and better living. Many in the post-modern world believe they have transcended religion and God, they and their like-minded fellows are intellectually superior to the feeble-minded who still believe in a supernatural power. They do not realize that by eschewing traditional beliefs and ideas of morality and spirituality, they have created their own religion based on popular narratives, superstition, and myth (what they say is The Science). This may have begun as high-minded and intellectual, or as purposeful ideological subversion, whatever it may have been it has devolved into ugly ideologies and self soothing narcissism, even at times presenting as psychopathy.

“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them” – George Orwell

Welcome to the Cult of Woke and its canons of Environmental and Social Governance. Not even Jim Jones could mix up a batch of Kool-Aid as powerful or as enticing. By eliminating God, true higher purpose (service), and constructing values as a means of signaling virtue instead of that which is actually virtuous, they have sidestepped all that lead to personal and spiritual growth. Many of these cult followers are highly credentialed but utterly bereft of wisdom. *Studies show that the highly educated folks on the Left have as equally skewed perspectives as the totally uneducated on the Right, they are both generally wack-a-doodle, but only one of those groups has power. Technocrats, politicians, bureaucrats and even billionaires are the bishops and priests of the religion, and their doctrine is conveyed daily via the mainstream, public, and Hollywood media. As conformity is the opposite of courage, they have submitted their will more than the most ardent 12 stepper fighting for their life. They question nothing and allow the overt and covert messaging wash over them and will repeat it ad nauseum. Their transcendence and free thought is an illusion as they have become the most indoctrinated of all. Think of the absurdities they believe: pulling from future prosperity and consumption and ripping up the Earth is environmentalism (New Green Deal), advantaging the uber-wealthy some how helps the poor (MMT, money printing, debt), un-civilizing women is feminism, segregation and outright racism is not racist, having righteous hate is good, abusing children by stealing from them and destroying their innocence is caring. It is far easier to believe that Jesus walked on water or returned from the dead than the absurdities of the Woke. Be careful, though it may be absurd the Woke religion differs from all others as it shows no mercy or forgiveness.

A wave of totalitarianism seems to be creeping across the globe enabled by the Woke faithful. Certain in their righteousness they believe their brand of hate is just and right. This is what facilitates the greatest horrors of mankind.

The youngest generation within our society is the most vulnerable to be recruited by the Cult of Woke. Our decadent civilization provides little meaning, community, and authentic connection, and no nourishment for the soul. The young are not being taught to think critically and to rely upon the state and politics for solutions. They may never experience gratitude therefore no happiness. Miserable people want others to be miserable too, but I don’t think we are ready for the special type of misery headed our way. Until then we will continue to feed the mass psychosis that is essential for our totalitarian future the Cult of Woke is cheering and welcoming.

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