Power without Responsibility

With great power, comes great responsibility.” – Unknown

This well known quote above pierces like a dagger threw today’s post-modern neo-progressive narrative.  In a time when vapidity and socially engineered thought rein, and the repetitious progressive narratives jockey for control of our tongues and minds, they ultimately will lose the test of time for they fail to hold themselves accountable, responsible.  Blaming, vilifying, and claiming victim-hood preys upon the sympathies, guilt and perhaps naivety of others.  While this may work in the short term, it lacks virtue.  Power can be grabbed temporarily without being accompanied by responsibility, but true leaders know that taking responsibility is lasting.

Welcome to twenty-teens where victim-hood ideology reins supreme.  Emerging adults and adolescents talk about privilege, justice and equality not to uplift but to knock down. Character and virtue is no match for oppression.  Your level of publicly acknowledged oppression is your status.  It is a power to slight, hurt and do misdeeds, sanctioned by the symbol of a clinched fist and claiming of revolution.  It is a cry for freedom in an already free society, asking for the booted foot of the state to step on the face of the “privileged” while it extends a hand that will never be grasped.  There will always be a new victim for they are created in PR and marketing departments by those who seek to control with the disingenuous smile of a savior.  The crafted rhetoric is that of divide and conquer to keep the masses squabbling among themselves, and to nevermind that the gifts they bring today will later be received as your children’s shackles and noose.   So it goes in the 21st century, we elevate the status of victim to the heights of power, but they will not be held accountable, their power has no responsibility and their blame has no end.

Think responsibly, bitches!

Christian X