Crystal Ball – MAGA Extremism

By now most folks have notice the recent narrative shift toward conservatives. The President of the United States believes they are the greatest threat to our democracy. He likens them to 9/11 terrorists. I believe this is being done with a political strategy in mind.

It is no secret that Americans are getting tired of ‘woke’, sky rocketing wealth inequality, corruption, war, censorship, coercion, fraud, racism, destruction of small business, increasing acceptance of pedophilia, and being lectured to about the environment by people flying in private jets. If there is justice in the world, they are set to take one of the most dramatic whoopings in political history. That is unless a major black swan event should occur. My guess, is that since federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are in pocket of the DNC, is that we will see something gruesome soon. It will be coordinated, perpetrated by the federal government under the authority of the democratic party. Everything about the event will be blown out of proportion and a lie. Those consuming popular media will once again be in fear with only the “loving caring” democrats to save them. If they are successful, they will paint conservatives, much more than usual, as second class citizens and evil – deplorables.

In September 2019, I said something huge will happen in March or April of 2020, because of an ongoing banking liquidity crisis and the need to remove a populist President. I was correct.

Let’s see what happens.

Update 9/21/22: Today’s Political Left in the U.S. embodies everything Hannah Arendt writes about in her definitive 1951 work The Origins of Totalitarianism. Some call it the Party of Chaos, I go further and call it the Party of Hate. The Pentagon recently admitted to have many fake social media accounts for psychological operations. The German government, even more left-wing than the U.S., admitted to operating hundred’s of fake right-wing extremist accounts to incite hatred. What these and the staged racial attacks, Jussie Smollett being the most notable, indicate that there is shocking little extreme racial hate among white folks. The Left is willing evil into existence and is not above faking it if it serves there goal of destroying Western Civilization and the middle classes. Now, I believe more than ever we are going to see staged event