Fear Brokers

There are few things more paralyzing than fear. Some people live their entire lives in fear. Fear keeps a person from truly experiencing the most out of life, fear is also in opposition to freedom.

Those pushing fear narratives do not want you to experience the most out of life and they want control. I believe anyone pushing a destructive fear narrative should automatically be discounted as cowards and unworthy of leadership.

The mainstream media, government bureaucrats, and politicians are doubling down on fear narratives. The Biden presidency is being defined by fear. Totalitarian control is the name of the game with all of the wealth and power being funneled to a few.

Life is short, it is important to make the most out of it. Tell anyone peddling fear, to fuck off! Seek equanimity.

“The Opposite of Courage Is Not Cowardice; It Is Conformity.” – Rollo May

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