Shameful Racism of the Left

The Republican party began largely as an anti-slavery party. Its first elected President was Abraham Lincoln. The party led a bloody civil war that eradicated the scourge of slavery from the Nation’s shores (first time in recorded history). 1.5 million young white boys, many who would considered hicks and rednecks today, suffered horrific causalities or death. From Reconstruction to Jim Crow the Democrats continued to thwart progress and their bitter racists ways. Until welfare programs began in the middle of the 20th century, blacks were staunchly Republican. The civil rights movement of the 1960’s was populated largely by Republican blacks, Martin Luther King Jr. being the most notable. In order to save the party, Democrat political strategy changed, often accused of bribing blacks through welfare and social programs. The way many of these programs were organized, they in effect destroyed the once mighty black family (blacks had higher marriage rates than whites in the first half of the 20th century), as the big programs did and do encourage single motherhood. In addition to creating a permeant under-class this gave rise to a whole host of social problems that many black communities continue to face. The policies that on the surface appeared to be a helping hand have caused the greatest destruction that has continued for generations. Perhaps, nothing is more racist than white women on the left. The parentification of blacks and seeing them as victims is disempowering and causes great social and psychological harm. It is disgusting to see how these attitudes and policies are at the root of great suffering. The Republican attitude was best expressed by MLK Jr – judge a person by the content of their character not by the color of their skin.

For the first time ever in California there is the possibility of a black Governor. A man who grew up in south central L.A., went to Crenshaw High School and made good. Larry Elder is a success story no matter how you look at. His intellect, speaking, and writing are second to none, but he is a well known Conservative. The Left in California has shown their typical intolerance and hate, calling him the “black face of white supremacy.” Laughable if not psychotic. Yesterday while campaigning a white women sporting a gorilla mask harkening back to the Jim Crow era threw eggs at Elder, while others yelled, “Democrats Run Everything!” Imagine if Elder was a Democrat and this happened, this is truly 1950’s shit. Elder is running against Gavin Newsom, a pretty boy born on third base (an elite), who is being recalled due to incompetency and use of draconian measures during the pandemic. Democrats do not even see their hypocrisy.

Until I moved to Florida I lived in blue cities my entire adult life. These are the policies of ruin and harm. They serve the interests of a few at the expense of the many, though always sold as the opposite. In recent years the Left has been emboldened and has become even more racist, nu-racism, as an illogical offshoot of intersectional feminism, once again believing blacks need allies and are helpless – nothing is more racist than that! These lefty feminists have been sold a narrative, not realizing how it fosters victimhood mentality, excuses and blame, and destroys dreams, making the type of success Larry Elder has had more difficult to achieve on merit.

Do not let Democrat propaganda fool you they have a most shameful past. They were the party of eugenics in the 1st half of the 20th century (that later inspired the Nazis). They were the party against the 19th amendment. Women did not receive the right to vote until both houses of Congress flipped Republican. Today’s Left thinks they are cooler than Jesus and know better than God. They believe they are smart enough to socially engineer utopia by merging state, banking, and corporate power and eliminating small enterprise and trouncing on individual rights and liberties. Yet all of the Left’s grand plans have always shown to have horrendous consequences, some foreseeable and others unforeseeable. The rosy rhetoric of the Left never matches the destructive and abusive results.

Walk away.

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