Only One Variable?

When the media, politicians, and bureaucrats talk about Covid they focus on one variable, the number of cases. They do not focus on anything else. They do not focus on the increase rate of suicides, especially among the young, since the lock downs began. Overdoses are through the roof. There are numerous variables in which data is never taken into account. They never mention the psychological, social, economic, health, or spiritual impacts. The same government and media which forces and advertises a shit food supply system, extraordinarily expensive health care, and is in bed with pharmaceutical companies, want us to believe they care about our health?! They do not care. Also, as the Biden administration pointed out prior to the inauguration, vaccines normally take years to develop and to be very skeptical. Vice President Harris said she would not take any vaccine developed under Trump. Well all of these ‘vaccines’ were developed under Trump.

A White House spokesperson defended Fauci by saying his regular flip flopping was because science evolves. That is true and there is little known about mRNA ‘vaccines’, not just for SARS-COV-2. Yet, the White House says the science is settled on these and they are perfectly safe and any skeptic is a murderous deplorable. Obviously, anyone with a half a brain understands that all current vaccinated persons are taking part in an experiment, there simply has not been enough time to know what the longer term effects are. This is why vaccines are normally studied for years. The answer is we do not know what the long term effects of the vaccine are.

The Treasury Secretary, former Federal Reserve Chairman, is already talking about a Fall lockdown. Why? The Delta variant may be more contagious but is extremely weak. Essentially, we are trying to keep people from catching Cold. The big, but largely unnoticed shift in focus from deaths to cases was an obvious manipulation, one that many didn’t seem to notice. Try as we might, people are going to get sick every year with the flu, cold, and other infections, we cannot stop this from happening. What we can, and should, stop is those who wish to keep us in fear and coerce us. This virus is another variable hastening in nightmare oligarchic totalitarian dystopia. We are letting them use fear against us, as they loot global wealth right in front of us. We will pay for it through inflation, taxation, totalitarian control, and a significant decline in future prosperity.

Some folks have been watching a documenting the decline of our Nation’s values, polity, economics, communities, families, and government overreach for a long time. Sadly the average American is barely aware of their own immediate surroundings. They are oh so gullible and no cognitive match for the sophisticated manipulations delivered via powerful media and influencing. There are folks fighting for totalitarianism and participating in fascism who believe they are for justice and equality. These are the most deluded and dangerous of all, for they are welcoming the horrors yet to come.

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